It would be worse in China. Oh wait.

News translation:-

Lawyers: Borough councils pressure women to have terminations.

Many poor (“resource-weak”), pregnant women experience being pressured into having an abortion by their social worker at the borough council.

This is what a group of lawyers who specialise in helping vulnerable citizens claim. But it is not legal for social workers to interfere in questions of life and death, believes an expert in this area.

Have an abortion – if you want to keep your daughter

21 year old Simone Jørgensen is one of the women who has experienced the situation. It happened when she became pregnant in September last year.

“My social worker said if I wanted to keep the daughter I already had, I needed to have an abortion,” said Simone Jørgensen.

More lawyers confirmed in a survey conducted by DR News that social workers encourage young women like Simone Jørgensen to have a termination.

“It happens every other month, that I am rung up with that situation,” said lawyer Lars Buurgaard Sørensen from Brøndeslew and called the practice in borough councils “grotesque”.

Coercion outrageous

Lawyer Rasmus Hedegaard from Aarhus agreed with the critics. He is rung up every month with the problem.

“It is outrageous that one can almost threaten that ‘if you don’t have an abortion, then I as a social worker am going to get the authorities to forcibly remove your child’. It doesn’t fit with their role. You cannot sit with a sword in one hand and at the same time want to be a secure base of guidance for citizens,” said Rasmus Hedegaard.

Lecturer in social rights at Aalborg University Trine Schultz said that the law gives social workers the right to guide and inform about which scenarios arise if a family increases in size.

“But that’s a long way away from going in and giving specific advice about abortion. That responsibility lies in a completely different area. It is the health authorities who can advise about things like that,” she said.

It’s okay to talk about abortion

Peter Brügge, the social services leader in Simone Jørgensen’s previous borough council in Randers was presented with Simone Jørgensen’s case and the lawyers’ criticism. He does not believe that the borough council has made a mistake.

“I think, that it is okay to talk about abortion. Abortion is a possibility. This does not mean to say that we should pressure someone or over-encourage them but they should have an understanding of the consequences they might get.”

Scandinavian Socialist Paradise

Denmark is famed for having wonderful services in return for its high taxes. The starting rate of tax is around 40% and goes up to around 60% for the higher earners. There is a flat sales tax on everything and sin taxes on some things, like cars and butter.

In return, the story goes, the Danes get wonderful “free” healthcare, education and other public services. Some even go as far as to pronounce the services “the best in the world”.

Unfortunately, what happens instead is that schools and hospitals are closed, services are limited (for example, my police station is only open between 10am and 3pm), services degrade in quality (for example, children become emotionally stunted because they do not get enough one-on-one with an adult at their daycare), and people are told they can only have sickness benefits if they “try everything” even if their doctor says that they HAVE tried everything. Have you tried electroconvulsive therapy? Well then. No money.

The people of Denmark need to get angry. Yes, there is a financial crisis. Yes, they have run out of money. But that is NOT good enough. If they want to close emergency departments in hospitals, if they want to make mega-schools, if they want to introduce the “putting everyone in the same room” model of inclusion, if they want to fire librarians, if they want to reduce police coverage, if they want to prevent sick people from receiving benefits…. they need to reduce the tax bill.

The people of Denmark need to rise up and fight these cuts. They are not happy but all they do is grumble. My guess is that the big companies call the shots on how much tax they pay, and they do so because they stand up to the politicians. The politicians need to be as scared of US as they are scared of Maersk. 

This isn’t socialism, this is serfdom.