One from the vaults. Scandlines: A bunch of racists

Previous video since taken down “for some reason”

Trigger warning: Danish racism in advert form. If you do choose to watch it, please report it for being racist while you are there.

is a copy of another one so you can see the “form”.

Transcript of taken-down video for the non-Danish speakers and those who do not want to watch utter filth:-

Black faced seagull with “comedy” teeth:

Rød grød med fløde. (A tongue twister Danes think is comedy bronze, silver and gold to make foreigners say … only because they get it wrong)

White faced seagull with no teeth:

Nej, rød. (No, red)

Black seagull:

Rød? Rub? (Not pronouncing “red” very well but trying really hard)

White seagull:

Nej, ved du hvad hvis du ikke kan lære sproget så må du flyve hjem igen.
(You know what, if you can’t learn the language you should fly home again.)
Prøve at sige “Rødby-Puttgarden”
(Try to say “An Obscure Placename of which no one outside of Denmark gives a shit because it is basically a hole in the ground from which you can get a boat to Germany – Puttgarden”)

Then there are some seconds of “HILARIOUS” footage of the black seagull trying to say Rødby Puttgarden and not doing such a shabby job for a first try, actually.

Then we find out it is “Scandlines“, a Danish ferry company who approved this message of hate to be broadcast into your living room. “It couldn’t be easier!”

First up. The black seagull is trying. He is not coming here taking our jobs, marrying our wives, axeing our cartoonists or whatever Danes are afraid of this week. He is taking a stab at learning a language that frankly only a few people speak. Do you see the white seagull trying to learn HIS language or even a compromise by speaking another world language to him? The black one first misunderstands what the white one wants him to say and then he just simply finds it hard to say it.

And in return for finding it hard to pronounce the first few times he tries, he is told “If you cannot learn the language, you should GO HOME.”

This message is being beamed into Danish living rooms. If foreigners find Danish hard, they should GO HOME. If foreigners have any sort of accent the first time they ever try to speak Danish, they should GO HOME. Even if foreigners are giving it a shot, gamely and humbly, if they make mistakes they should GO HOME.

Scandlines are a bunch of cowardly racists and here is why. This advert is not on their normal advert youtube channel. They have only put it on the tv in Denmark where the only people who will understand it are Danes (who they mistakenly think will all be allies and uniformly amused by this) and Danish speaking foreigners (who will be shamed by not sounding native, once again). They know that if people abroad saw this and understood it, they would be pissed off.

The seagull is not a “normal” seagull. He has *teeth* for fuck’s sake. They have caricatured some sort of immigrant-man and mocked him for not sounding like he has always lived in Denmark. When this seagull has surely lived in Germany for a long time and is probably fluent in both his home language and German. I would not be surprised if he speaks English as well.

Now what we can expect is an upsurge in Danes telling all us dirty foreigners (especially black ones with a mouth full of immigrant teeth), that if we cannot speak the language, we should GO HOME because that is what the telly box has told them is acceptable. I mean, I still get told to SNAK DANSK or shamed for not being fluent every now and then. When I was a complete beginner it was every month or so.

Now, I know what those racists at Scandlines might try to say. I know because I have heard it a hundred times before.

“It is just a joke. It is just for fun. It is “Danish humour””

Wrong on all three counts, Scandlines.
It is not “just” a joke, because it victimises and bullies a group of people who are already on the receiving end of a phenomenal amount of racist bullshit.
It is not just for “fun” because there is nothing fun about being reduced to tears by bullies for TRYING to speak a new language.
It is not “Danish humour” because the majority of Danes are kind and friendly and gentle, this advert is cruel and rude and hostile.

This is EXACTLY the same sort of shit I was talking about in my last post. Danes have learned NOTHING about how racism starts from the Second World War. They go around truly believing that there is no harm in telling people that if they have trouble pronouncing things then they are not welcome. That this can, in a certain light, be amusing.

What is the next step, Scandlines? If that comedy black gull could not learn how to say Rødby or Puttgarden? Should the white one enforce the “go home” edict somehow? What are we suggesting? How would the sequel play out?

The Danish word for bullying is “mobning” which is close to the English word “mobbing”… which is what birds do to attack outsiders. If a flock of birds see a weaker or different bird that is not welcome, they fly at them with extreme prejudice beaks snapping.
This advert could not be a more perfect illustration of how “Danish humour” is often just a cover for bullying. Bullying never just stops with a “joke”. It continues with “suggestions” to leave the country, the next stage is threats, then violence.

This advert shows how much Scandlines (and the people they are trying to appeal to), fear us. We come here and we have another worldview, we are often well travelled, cultured, well educated, have a great work ethic and are polite. We try to learn the language to fit in and we work hard on integration when we get nothing back in return from Danish society.

And all they have on us is that we find sounds not found in our languages hard to pronounce at first.

That is ALL they have. We find it hard to pronounce certain words. And so they exploit this seam of comedy for all it is worth… Because it is ALL they have. They feel threatened and intimidated by us. By our cultures and our values and our educations and our work ethic. And all they can do is mock our accents as we earnestly try to learn their obscure minority language. Because there is nothing else they CAN mock.

I am so much looking forward to the bridge to Germany being built and that bunch of racist jerks going out of business.