Check in

I have a long post in me about good things in dk and another one about how I’m getting on but I’ve been ill this week.
I am commuting around 4 hours a day (including waiting around for the next leg) and I’m not 22 anymore so I’m pretty exhausted, not to mention incredibly busy.

Anyway, I wrote an article for the CPHPost because they give me deadlines so you can read that if you like. It’s about the Immigration Service.

CphPost article

Yo everybody. Sorry I haven’t been blogging, I had a bunch of distressing, scary medical things happen. I’m fine (I think) or at least I will be fine.

I wrote an article a while back and it has been published on CPHPost. You can see what my name is, what my face looks like when I’m having a photograph taken repeatedly and what I wrote.

Racism in the media BEATDOWN  (of course they gave it a better headline and also the editing made it about 10x clearer without changing any meaning or feel. Double thumbs up)