International Women’s Day

Everyone thinks Scandinavia has equality taped. Everyone thinks that because women are not excluded from the job market in Denmark, then feminism must have achieved all its aims and everyone can stand down.

We could talk about pay and violence, and the progress still to be made in Denmark. There is plenty of mileage in those topics, believe.

But I’d like to concentrate on this news story:- Parents looking to shrink their ‘tall’ daughters.

When healthy human beings need to be operated on or medicated in childhood to keep them from displaying traits from the ‘wrong’ set of humans there is something badly wrong and equality has not been achieved.

Healthy boys who are made to be taller and healthy girls who are made to be shorter, in order to fit in with society’s ideals around masculinity and femininity, are being betrayed by their community.

3 thoughts on “International Women’s Day

  1. That’s horrible. And ridiculous.
    I had a couple in my neighborhood, and they were really tall. The husband loved the fact that his wife was tall like a model, and she was pretty too. It’s lovely to meet someone who loves **for** our idiosyncracies, and not in spite of them. That’s love!

    Parents should love their kids the same way. After all, those traits came from themselves… But maybe the parents didn’t accept themselves. :-/


  2. I had a friend who recently went through a legal struggle with her ex-husband over this very thing. Their 11 year old is tall, very tall. Wears 43 in shoes. Her dad, the tall genes in the family, wanted her to undergo one of the available procedures, because it “was hard to find a partner when you’re tall”. Luckily, he didn’t win. She will grow a litte more but it will stagnate after puberty. She is sweet, smart, perfect. And she’ll probably be buying shoes online for the rest of her life. She will be fine.


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