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So, here’s what happened.

I got a letter in the post saying that our mortgage provider’s computer had gone down and we needed to send a payment direct to a certain account. I was a little suspicious but the letter had the right name and when I typed the number into my bank, the right provider name auto-completed.

Then I got another letter in the post asking for my mortgage payment. I was composing an email to check that I had sent the money to the right account when I noticed that the telephone helpline numbers were different on the two letters. The customer support email was different. The CVR number was different. And I dropped a bollock.

I google’d the support email and the first link was “FALSE EMAILS, DO NOT RESPOND TO THEM” and I did not look at the link but the bottom dropped out of my stomach.

So, I scanned in the suspicious letter and emailed customer support at the bank. I told them the situation and asked what I should do.

They emailed back straight away: contact your bank. GOOD LUCK. Seriously. “Good luck”

I contacted my bank, told them the situation, attached the suspect letter.

They emailed back straight away: nothing we can do. Contact the police.

I contacted the police. Over email because I hate telephones and I could attach the letter.

Then I started to think about how sophisticated the scam was: right name, right company name, they knew we were customers of this bank, they specifically only ask for one month’s money. They got the amount almost exactly right.

So, I googled the support email thing again to take a look at the other scams, to see if they were as sophisticated… and realised that the ‘fake’ email was not fake.

This was about fifteen minutes into the crisis and the feelings of pathetic-ness and horror were starting to give way into feelings of disbelief. So. I emailed customer support again.

“Are you SURE this is a scam. Did I just report my mortgage to the police??”

And this is the response, in full, without further comment.

Hello again 

Im sorry i didnt’  see the lette the 1. time 

It’s not a fake letter – there has been an error with the payment service as home loan is not automatically paid by direct debit – this is only in June and July that itmust be paid manually 

I regret that I was not awake for the first time  

If you have further questions, I recommend you to contact us on xx xx xx which is open every day from 9 -21″



9 thoughts on “Customer Service

  1. Another one for the “Only in Denmark” file… I’m surprised the highly educated costumer service rep didn’t blame it on being too excited for holiday :-)


    1. Wow! They need to get their s… together… At least now you are in a position of strength… You are not th one who screwed up. Repeatedly…


    2. Who doesn’t look at scam letters?! Surely you’d be interested in a new type of scam affecting your customers? Crazy shit.


  2. Shit, you just described my experience – only I wasn’t critical enough to be suspicious.

    I was holidaying abroad when I checked my netbank and found the monthly PBS payment was missing from this month’s list.

    I called the bank they said there has been mistake with PBS system and that they actually had sent a letter / indbetalingskort to cover this month’s payment.

    I was enraged. It was lucky that I was supposed to be back in Denmark before the payment deadline but what if I didn’t?

    By the time I got home I found 2 letters in my mailbox. The first was the first indbetalingskort they sent, the 2nd was “Sorry, do not use the 1st since that one contained error, use this one” *rolls eyes*

    Had I not called them first, I would’ve probably thought it was scam too, especially with the presence of 2nd letter.

    Maybe we have the same mortgage bank, huh?

    They promised that they would fix the error next month only to find I had to pay the mortgage same way too the next month


  3. My heart was in my mouth reading your post; how scary.
    Trust is such an important factor in all of our daily dealings. I wonder if they could incorporate a password system – or a “important phrase” to include on email correspondence?
    Glad it’s sorted. How long did it take to come down from the ceiling and your bollock to be suitably en-sacked?


    1. Like, the whole thing took 30 minutes from start to end.
      They could also print out letters using colour, as usual, and have the same phone numbers and instead of starting a letter with “Dear customer” have the customer name.


  4. Denmark, where routine customer relation correspondance is indistinguishable from obvious phishing and the height of customer service is an indifferent shrug.

    I would have been in trouble because I would have decided in two seconds the original letter was fake and tossed it directly into the garbage.


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