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      1. One thing I have noticed is the animosity and hostility towards Emily crosses all national boundaries among the male commenters. It used to be much more apparent with the Disqus system, but you can still see it. These men really take great offense at her dating stories, even if they’re normally dan critics, it’s like they’re personally affronted that a woman dare criticize.

        Anybody else notice that?


  1. One of my favorite cookbooks is a slim volume from the 1950’s called “Danish Cookery” which I more as science fiction than as a source of recipes to follow (the very few I did try were delicious but pretty heavy and in Poland… that’s saying something).

    It has things like a ridiculously complex recipe for mock turtle soup that takes two days and an elaborate tower of breaded fried flounder filets with lobster parts and and creamed spinach (and more, but you get the idea) that is supposed to be a “necessary part” of family parties (please tell me you’ve had this).

    The section on vegetables says that “we Danes” like to make vegetables “the more substantial part of the meal”. Two of the eight (8!) recipes are pickling things and the rest call for massive amounts of flour, milk and/or butter or eggs.

    I’m sure Danish food could never live up to the inspired insanity of the book.


    1. Never had the mock turtle soup. Never heard of it. I wonder if it was a thing before or the recipe author was trying to MAKE it a thing.

      When I’ve eaten with Danes, vegetables are rarely the most substantial part… unless you count potato. Maybe times have changed.

      Sounds about right with the flour, eggs, butter and milk.


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