13 thoughts on “Does Denmark have a racism problem?

      1. It’s the title of the opinion piece… and his answer is “Not all of the Danes. Some of them are mean racists and some of them are ignorant racists.”
        I simply do not understand why you are taking it so personally. If it’s not about you, then it’s not about you.


      2. Do you think the writer of the opinion piece was playing the racism card?

        Interesting that you talk about ‘playing the victim’ without any sense of self-awareness. Some punk kids called you racist and you aren’t. Why get so upset about it? I’ve been called racist dozens of times. And you know what, sometimes they were just pissing around to get a reaction and sometimes they sort of had a point. Sorting through those occasions takes a lot of introspection and it is PAINFUL.
        You’re not a victim just because you live in a racially diverse area. Honestly, I sort of understand why you feel under attack but your experience isn’t ‘the other side’ to the debate. It’s the same side.

        Do you honestly think that if Denmark (as in white Danes) didn’t have a problem with racism, you’d have had half the experiences you have had? Don’t you think the people who are making you feel attacked are reacting to how they are treated elsewhere? It’s not your fault and it doesn’t justify it… but it’s not ‘the other side’ and neither does it go to show that They are the real racists after all.


  1. Lars, how would you redefine racism? would it be democratically? if so then I would have to say that Denmark would democratically be racist and always will be. So would the UK and the USA for that matter, it is an ugly disease and you know it……I’m sorry for your sickness. Get well soon


  2. Lars, Denmark has been ‘discussing’ racism for the past 25 years and more, how often have you read ‘we have to debate this issue’, I’ve heard it, again, and again. Somehow, it gets no further, DK can not accept the fact that the minority, foreigners, adoptees, and other assorted immigrants have a different take on the topic. That’s one helluva lot to swallow for a Dane, being different I mean, we should ‘helst være ens’, and deviating from that norm rocks the Danish boat.

    Shame you slammed the door shut on a well written, and balanced article, before, it seems, even bothering to consider another persons aspect.


    1. If you keep “debating” then you are off the hook for doing anything … at least in Danish eyes. The rest of the world might view it differently, however.


  3. How isn’t this article starting a debate on racism? A Dane is telling you that there are a lot of ignorant people in Denmark who treat him like shit because he looks foreign. You can close your eyes to it, it doesn’t stop it being true.


    1. One sidedness? What the hell. A guy is giving an eye witness account of his experience of racism. You want the other side? You want the kid who beat him up at school to give an account so we get both sides? What do you even mean? Do you want ‘the other side’ of why people are so rude to this guy because he has Asian facial features?

      Your definition of ‘racism’ is not broad enough. Racism is believing that someone else is not a real, full, complex human being because of the group they belong to (or seem to belong to, in the case of adopted children). It involves not taking people as they come.

      It can include judging people as less than human because of their ‘culture’ or because they have Korean facial features.

      Obviously you can be critical of someone of colour, obviously you can find some people of colour obnoxious, obviously you can have problems with individuals of colour without fear of being a ‘racist’.
      This is a poor argument… that if the definition of racism is widened beyond your comfort zone, it will end up encompassing behaviours such as ‘having a disagreement’/’thinking someone is an idiot’. No one is suggesting we do that.

      I wish I could get you to think about this more deeply, without your knee jerking. WHY exactly are you taking this personally? Did you beat up the kid at school? Did you make fun of a kid’s eyes? Did you speak to an Asian looking guy too slowly? If you’re not doing any of the things the writer is describing, then it is NOT about you. It’s not about the time you fell out with a black person and were anxious people would think you were racist. It’s not about your disagreements with Islam.
      What is making you feel so defensive?

      When people of colour talk about Brits being racist, or white feminists, or teachers, or any of the other groups I belong to; this is what I do:-
      I listen. I think. I remember what they said.
      If I’ve done the things they are talking about, I feel guilty and resolve to STOP IT at my earliest convenience.
      If I have not done the things they are talking about, I just listen because it is NOT ABOUT ME.


      1. Ok, so what’s not racist about beating up an adopted kid because he looks Asian? This is what I don’t understand about this conversation.

        Everything he described was racism and none of what he said made the word weaker.

        Putting black people on packaging as a symbol of exoticism is objectifying. And objectification comes from a belief that a person is inferior. So it still fits your dictionary definition.

        I mean, sure, you didn’t MEAN to objectify or Other anyone and you probably have a sincere desire to treat everyone with respect and kindness… but it IS a problem. It’s the same with my country and gollywogs. I have warm and fuzzy feelings about gollywogs too but it’s not about my feelings, is it? There’s more at stake than nostalgia. Objectifying other human beings is wrong and it needs to stop.

        But it’s beside the point. You got really upset because of a guy talking about his experiences. You made it all about yourself.
        Don’t you think that’s a sign you need deeper introspection?


  4. Racism is widespread in Denmark. Especially in smaller, provinicial towns. There’s also an innate supposition that Denmark is the best country in the world, and thus “of course” not racist.

    In fact it is one of the most racist countries in Western Europe.


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