Scandi Spring? Fat chance

Three years ago, a market trader in Tunisia, Mohamed Bouazizi, set himself on fire to protest harassment from the Tunisian authorities. His death inspired protests in Tunisia and abroad, leading to the events of the ‘Arab Spring’.

Yesterday, a man left Brøndby town hall and set himself on fire, dying a few hours later. The news has no information about what the problem was and why he took such a violent step. Just that he had been given an answer about his case before he killed himself.

Honestly, I don’t think they care.  Whether this was mental illness or desperation or a combination, the media is entirely uninterested. Could it have anything to do with recent welfare reform? Who cares? Let’s talk about something more jolly!

What have they got to gain by looking the other way on this? Why isn’t the reason for his suicide considered newsworthy?

h/t Johnny Larsen

7 thoughts on “Scandi Spring? Fat chance

  1. I don’t think that such suicides should be encouraged, actually. Isn’t it a form of violent protest, really? Sure, they are doing it to themselves instead of doing it to others, but it still looks like an extremist behavior to me. I put it on the same level as rioting.

    An advantage of living in a democracy is that there are official channels for complaints and appeals. Let it be known that there is no point of showering in gasoline and lighting a match, thank you. :-(


    1. Neither do I.
      But shouldn’t we be talking about what happened to him? Shouldn’t it be slightly more interesting than the football?


  2. Exactly what I also thought when I saw the brief mention in the Copenhagen Post, which was accompanied by that photo of 2 Kommune workers sweeping him into a drain.

    Move along, move along, nothing to see. But did you see our Marius April Fools joke? The wonderful thing about we danish is how we laugh at ourselves and understand ironisk humor.


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