Better treatment for trans people


So, Denmark actually took Amnesty International’s recommendations to heart. If Parliament agrees the change, it will no longer be required to be sterilised and have a medical diagnosis of transsexualism in order to transition.

The new plan is: after a 6-month reflection period if someone is serious about needing their gender changed on their documentation, they can do that.

This is a good thing. High five, Denmark.

2 thoughts on “Better treatment for trans people

  1. I’m wondering about the implications and potential discrimination regarding the – was it national Insurance? – identity. I remember you telling me it was one form of identification for pretty much everything. Will those transitioning be allocated a completely different number with no chance of tracing previous names (gender)? Perhaps that hasn’t been ironed out yet?
    Fabulous start though, the previous scheme was, well, just wrong!


    1. The first six digits are your birthdate. The last four are the ones identify you. The last number is even for ladies and odd for chaps.
      Trans people have been changing this number on their id for years, so the system will be ready. Only this time, they won’t need to be sterilised or treated as mentally ill to do so.


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