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Metro xpress used to be cool.

Here is a translation of their front page article “The children of immigrants becoming more criminal”

Problems with gang criminality, break ins and violence is massive amongst the descendants of immigrants. The number of male second generation immigrants from non-western countries who have been prosecuted for criminality has a big increase since 2007, where 1028 descendants have been prosecuted for criminality. In 2012, the numbers rose 60% to 1661. The Justice Ministry would amongst other measures like to start withdrawing child support from the parents.

Some context for those not used to Danish news conventions.
‘Descendants’ is a word only for the children and grandchildren of people of colour. The children and grandchildren of white immigrants are pretty much called ‘Danes’
However, the statistics don’t make the distinction between these groups so the phrase
‘Non-western’ is used. This has nothing to do with the position of countries on the globe.

South America and the Carribbean: non western. North America: Western

India and Pakistan: non western. Korea and Japan: Western

Turkey: non western. Ukraine: Western.

It’s just a dog whistle for ‘brown’.

Here’s their page 3
“Criminality booming amongst immigrant youth”

COPENHAGEN. The number of prosecuted second generation immigrants has risen 60% in five years. Ministers are worried and want to withdraw child support.

When the hammer falls in court, the defendant is still more often a second generation immigrant.
The number of male second generation immigrants from non-western countries who were prosecuted for criminality has risen since 2007 in relation to the corresponding figures for ethnic Danes.
In 2007, 1028 descendants were prosecuted for criminality. In 2012, this rose by 60% to 1661.
Descendants were overrepresented in Danmarks Statistik figures by 131% in comparison with the Danes, even taking into account income and residence. Descendants are especially prosecuted for violence and break ins, shows the report ‘Immigrants in Denmark 2013’
It is especially second generation immigrants in the age range 20-29 that are most often criminal.
According to the research chief for Rockwool Funden, there has been a rise in the last year after many years of falling numbers.
“It is the descendants who are increasingly more often taken for criminality and for them there has also been a noticeable rise in the last year. Obviously the financial crisis is playing a part- immigrant families are economically hard hit” he said.
The Justice Minister Karen Hækkerup (S) also said the increase is the fault of rising problems with immigrant gangs.
“The increase is worrying. We are trying to get kommunes and the police to grab the collar of young people earlier. Amongst other measures, we have made a parent pack where we can withdraw child support if young people do not go to school and end up in criminality again,” she said.

Numbers of prosecuted in 2012
This many between the ages of 15-79 were found guilty in 2012
* Criminal code: 3578 immigrants, 1661 descendants. 17426 of Danish origin.
* Violence: 920 immigrants. 466 descendants. 4585 of Danish origin.

My main problem with this article is that last bit. Sure, 10x of the crime is committed by “ethnic Danes” and the number of “descendants” compared with ethnic Danes isn’t a tenth.
But. Ten times as much crime is committed by Danes and no one is withdrawing the child support of at risk Danish families.

Another problem I have is that the crimes are being committed by adults. How is sanctions against parents thought of a solution? Especially when poverty is cited as a cause of this increase.

Another issue is: they were born here. Putting their criminality at the door of their culture is very rich. Especially when the criminality of Danes is just shit that happens.

And then there is the issue of boiling it down to the essential point – male children of immigrants of colour are more criminal.
I don’t have the stats handy but if 1661 descendants were found guilty, the overwhelming majority of that group are not involved in criminal activity.

But good luck getting a job, guys. People have been persuaded you’re all wronguns.

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      1. It really is a pre-election year classic in a society with serious problems handling minority communities. Focus on the criminality of any minority community regardless of the underlying issues behind such criminality while ignoring the criminality of the majority communities. From a very, very old handbook.


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