4 thoughts on “Trans Issues in Denmark

  1. This link echoes some of my thoughts on the trans-offensive into mainstream feminism.


    “People are not oppressed “on the basis of gender”, they are oppressed by gender. Gender, like class, has two relative positions, whatever Mark Zuckerberg tells you: up and down. Powerful and exploited. Fully human and non-person.”

    “To theorise sex* out of existence is to deny that sexism can exist…. If we deny these people an identity based on the root of their oppression we are saying they, as a class, do not exist. Have no shared history. No conceivable political mission. No right to recourse. No community. No grievance. No hope.”

    *relatively objective criteria rather than subjective personal opinion


    1. I’m a radical feminist but I’m not a TERF.
      I don’t think it’s my place to decide if someone is or isn’t a woman. Considering how much violence and discrimination trans women must go through, I find it pretty astounding that people could believe they are only in it for to overthrow feminism and continue the aims of patriarchy.


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