Let’s Deport Everyone

The present administration has been in place for a couple of years now.

When people complained that unfair deportations were taking place before they got in, we were pacified with “just wait, new red government coming in, it’ll be okay!”

When the new red government got in, we were pacified with “Oh for heaven’s sake, give them some time to get their feet under the table.”

The deportations and denial of residence are still going on.

Here are some children being refused residence because they need to apply from another country.

Here is a family who need to move to Germany because the Dane claimed a sickness benefit. Looks like the wife didn’t have enough media-sympathy points (Non-white, female, unwell) and so the whole family must leave.

Because those are just the rules! (Unless you are male and white and able bodied and working a prestigious job and then exceptions may be found if your media campaign gets traction.)

This news article says that the number of children refused residence has plummeted to six on the grounds of integration and 130 overall.

You cannot, sorry Denmark, say that children have a human right to family life and that they need to be protected from uncertainty and stress and the best place for a child is near its friends and loved ones and THEN pat yourself on the back for kicking out ‘only’ 130 of them.

So, I did what you said. I waited to see how the new administration would handle things. And while there may be fewer completely unacceptable breaches of human rights, that is still not good enough and I continue to maintain that this country is xenophobic and sick.

9 thoughts on “Let’s Deport Everyone

  1. Nice blog entry!
    No, Heidi the less Enthusiastic, it doesn’t. One cannot fix something if they avoid looking so as to believe it is not broken.


  2. That last paragraph is spot on. I hoped, I wished, I would have prayed if I believed in a deity that took an active participation in world events – but disappointment reigns. I get to vote in this next election, on local and regional levels, but still, exercising my right to make no difference in a country that never really changes… yayyyyyy?


    1. I joined Enhedslisten for heavens sake! J is mad as hell but where can I get some social change up in this bitch otherwise?


      1. I do understand your point – but I gave up joining any party in Denmark years ago. Sorry!
        Just the same crap in any of them, even though there are a few true believers left!!!

        But keep up your good work


      2. I just wanted to positively reinforce the policies they have that no one else does, I guess. For all the good it’s done.


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