The World’s Most Specific Minor Gripe

I love trying new things out with my students and in 2013, this means signing up to different websites to use in my teaching.

They all do something a bit different. Classdojo is for behaviour management through giving out points. Wikispaces is so that students can collaborate on their written work. Edmodo is facebook for schools. Showbie is a way of handing work in that you did on an ipad. For example.

There are many more and I use them semi-regularly. One problem is that children need multiple logins and they forget them very easily. Another problem is that there are so many educational apps and online services out there, they are really keen to keep you as a user.

What happens is that if you sign up, you get a cheery email from a named person offering help. Then if you do not use the app for a few days, you get another email from them. And if you email back to explain why you didn’t use the app yet, you get a form response not addressing anything you said. And you get regular updates (and you cannot always switch them off). And then in September, when I have been back at work for a month already, you get a bunch of emails about getting ready for a new term.

There is no button for deleting an account so once you’re in, you are in.

I have a filter set up now, so that I don’t have to deal with it but every time I set up a new account to check out the possibilities, the whole cycle begins again.

4 thoughts on “The World’s Most Specific Minor Gripe

  1. That Classdojo thing looks major cool (autistic/spectrum kid in the house) but… do i have to affiliate myself to a school (pretend i’m a teacher?) to access it? If it’s a free thingy, why are they so anal?


    1. Just pretend you’re a teacher, I don’t know why they seem to insist. My aspie kids really take to this program, it’s worth a try.


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