Now we have the internet, it is easier to bring people together. Traditionally, movie goers would fund movies by buying tickets to things that were already made. This meant that funding councils and studios had to predict what people might like to see.

Now that movies cost so much to make, studios are very cautious and make the same movie over and over. But every now and again, studios go with something that they have not tried before and it is a breakaway success… and then that becomes the formula.

Making movies in Denmark is a bit different, funding often comes from the Danish film board and they have made some dodgy decisions in the past. Memorably, they refused to fund a film because they thought people outside of Copenhagen were too racist to deal with non-white protagonists.

Seems to me that crowdsourcing is the way to go. How it works is: you put in some money to have the movie made (like you’re a big shot movie producer or something), and then when the film is made you already know you want to see it.

If you would like to get involved, there is a project that looks to be the first crowdsourced movie in Danish history. It is going to be directed by David Noel Bourke. It’s about a racist murderous man called Jens and the stuff that happens to him while he is being hunted by frustrated but passionate police officer Mia.

Intrigued? Check out the funding pitch webpage.

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