Race Relations

So, okay, it’s summer and I want to go do fun stuff but I am just dropping by to let you know that the state of race relations in Denmark is totally fucked up and it has been for hundreds of years.

The book I told you about, with the essays about Foreigners in Denmark, has the account of a nine-year old Swedish orphan being thrown out of Denmark because her mother had the residency permit. This was in the 1800s but thankfully the government put a stop to the practice in 2011, and you have to be at least 12 years old to be deported.

So, the next time someone tells me that Denmark changed for the worse in the 90s, I can think “wrong”, quietly to myself. It has always been like this, it just stopped doing a good job of covering it up from the 90s.

Meanwhile. Some daycare facilities decided to stop serving pork products. The reasons they gave were as follows:-

  • They wanted to broaden the children’s horizons
  • Some of the children come from international backgrounds
  • Some of the families have religious objections to pork
  • They wanted to serve the children the same meal, to avoid problems

Golly gosh shariageddon is upon us! So, the little kids don’t get shitty cuts of lips and assholes in their sandwiches for lunch? Anyone would think that the pedagogs were following all the kids home and snatching meatballs out of their mouths. And it’s not as if anyone has complained, the parents do not appear to care. It is a non-event.

A few weeks before, it came out that a Muslim kid in foster care was being fed pork and the municipality was fine with that. And the media was also fine with that.  I am so glad that a higher authority was able to overturn the borough’s ruling, it’s not often that happens.

And yet, the Danish media focus on one story and not the other after our friend in the Venstre party gave the all-clear that Muslim bashing was back on the menu.