News Translation: The Worm Turns

From Ekstra Bladet: Helle Attacked

It’s all going on right now on the first of May.

A man was just arrested for shooting water at the States Minister Helle Thorning in Aarhus with a water pistol. And in Copenhagen, the mayor Frank Jensen just interrupted his speech because the protesters were so loud that he had to give up. Chair of the Unions in greater Copenhagen tried to moderate the masses but was not nearby to try to get people to listen to Frank Jensen.

And in Aarhus they were simply not there to listen to what States Minister Helle Thorning said from the podium in Tangkrogen in Aarhus.

She was drowned in boos and a massive whistling concert from a large group of the “audience” who had brought whistles to sabotage Helle Thorning’s speech.

She had chosen not to speak at Fælled Park in Copenhagen but she didn’t avoid massive criticism.

The crowd in front of her blew whistles they brought with them and held up placards with sad faces “:(” on them.

The State Minister was not surprised by her heated reception because the protest was announced beforehand.

“I don’t have much time for people who drown out others. It’s a bit weird on the first of May which is about talking and discussion,” she said just after her speech.


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