Hey Denmark!

Remember when there were some Iraqi refugees, given sanctuary in a church, and the police came and deported them, and there was a peaceful sit-in protest and the police beat the shit out of the protesters and you all just shrugged and said you were sure they were “organised” and “should have moved when the police said”?

And remember when there was a climate conference and the protesters wanted to do some peaceful but highly embarrassing actions and so the police beat the living shit out of them and you all just rolled your eyes and said that they were all foreign anarchists and why couldn’t they just write a letter to the editor?

Well, lookee here, now there is something that threatens the entire country. The schools are closed. They have been closed for a month and they may be closed for a month more.

Your businesses are now creches. Your workers have to stay home. International highly qualified immigrants are being put off staying here, if schools can get closed indefinitely. International teachers are being put off working here in international schools, if they can be made unemployed.

YOUR SCHOOLS ARE CLOSED. You pay tax, you are in a democracy, you want schools and you cannot have schools.

This is not the Danish Model, whatever your politics. It is not the Danish Model to agree what the ultimatum will be with the government and then starve your workers out until they accept it.

When it was the first week, you were all so sure the government would step in but they are cowardly and do not want to look like they planned this all along. And then by the second week, they realised that it was too close to May Day.

The cowards in charge of your country could open the schools but they don’t want to.

It is very simple. If you believe that the teachers are wrong and the government should step in and end the deadlock with their planned changes: you need to protest. If you believe that the KL is wrong and the government should step in and end the deadlock with modified changes: you need to protest.

But you cannot protest. You cut your own balls off and put them in a mason jar under the sink.

The best you have are a couple of marches, a letter to the editor and good natured icons on your facebook profile.

You need to be angry. You need to do sit-ins. You need to lock kommune staff out. You need to camp out overnight for weeks, outside city hall and the parliament building. Remember when one union got annoyed with one restaurant for negotiating with their staff’s union and they stopped them from having garbage collected? You can do this too.

Look at Greece, your favourite “irresponsible” country. People are starting to starve over there. They’ve still got schools. Even though it would save a Greece a lot of money to cancel education for a couple of months, the schools are still open. Why?

Two words: Molotov cocktails (TOP TIP: Do not take that as encouragement to use Molotov cocktails)

But you all know, no matter how peaceful YOU are, the police will brutalise you for standing up. You know that because that is what happens in Denmark when people make a stand. And you agreed with the police when it happened before.

And that is why you don’t have schools in your country.

2 thoughts on “Hey Denmark!

  1. I live in an area of the country that typically votes for liberals or conservatives. I am not so surprised when I hear Danes here side with the employer. It’s part of their wing’s ideology. What shocks me is that this is being implemented by a red government, whose campains are partly financed by the unions. It’s crazyness.

    But then, many socialist countries ended with a totalitarian dictature.


    1. At this point, I don’t even care who was “right”. I want to go back to work. If the gov want to remove my rights to preparation time, fine, let me work out a Plan B and stop being a teacher in DK.
      This limbo is not good for anyone but the kommunes who are making hand over fist through this action.


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