Danish Teachers’ Strike 2013

A lot of people are finding this blog by searching for “striking Danish teachers” or “Danish teachers’ strike”

It is not a strike. A strike is for when workers are unsatisfied with their pay/conditions. The government has locked teachers out. This is to “soften them up” during negotiations.  A lockout is to enforce a worsening of pay/conditions on a workforce. We are unemployed for the duration but are not allowed to claim benefits, even unemployment insurance we have paid into. The union issues an income (but it varies from union to union on how much and under what conditions)

The lockout can be ended in three ways:-

  1. The local government association/finance minister could say “Oh alright, let’s restart negotiations,” or “Let’s just go with your suggestions, the unions!”
  2. The unions could say “Fine. Whatever. We will do whatever you say.”
  3. The government could say “Right, you two bloody kids, I should knock your heads together. THIS is how it’s going to be,”

At first I thought the lockout would be ended with 3) but it doesn’t look like it will be for some reason. (The government was not competent enough to hide their involvement from the beginning, so an intervention will appear one-sided and be unpopular with some voters. They are waiting until the opinion polls turn against teachers)

Now it looks like it might be ended with 2) When the unions run out of money, what other choice will they have? And then the government can claim the unions “agreed” to the plans.

I do not know when the unions will run out of money. If they keep getting support from other unions, it might be never.

Glad to clear up the confusion.