Backfiring Lockout

This lockout is the most stupid tactic I have ever seen in my life.

Of course there are some misinformed people who still think it is a strike. (Which I believe was the masterplan) But most people seem to have realised what is going on is quite unprecedented.

Thing about teachers is: we actually give a shit about your children. We also have a lot of work to do. Going on strike for more than a day is not something teachers do. It would have to be for something pretty major. And even then. More than a day? How would we get all the curriculum covered? I have never been part of a teaching strike in my life. When the other union had one back in the UK, it was for one day. More than one day would have been unpopular with members as it is completely amoral.

The lockout has gone on for four days now and there is no sign that it is going to stop any time soon. The politicians (including the mayors), do not appear to care about your children. That is a bad sign.

Their one and only suggestion is also pretty poor, in terms of what it will achieve for students. Their one and only suggestion just removes rules about what is overtime and what isn’t. I am not sure that sabotaging the goodwill of the educators of Denmark is pedagogically sound.

Their gameplan is completely messed up. Is their strategy to turn parents against teachers? They do realise we will have to work with each other after the lockout, right? If this plan succeeds, then parents will treat us with nothing more than contempt. Double thumbs up, politicos.

The government are relying on people not knowing what is happening so they would just be convinced it is a case of two stubborn sides. They are hoping that people will blame teachers (who ought to have children’s best interests at heart), more for this stubborn streak than the mayors are blamed. They are hoping that people have not noticed that the teacher unions have made several concessions and the KL have made none. They are hoping that no one remembers that the KL had a secret meeting about the talks with the government without letting the teachers in, way back. They are hoping that they sound objective and neutral when the politicians make pronouncements about how teachers are not doing a good enough job and this deal will fix everything. They are hoping no one has noticed how much tax money has been spent on all those magazine, billboard and internet adverts about how “teachers are the laziest, man”.

If people are not paying attention then their sympathy with the teachers will run out with no increased irritation with the government. But they are paying attention and it is massively backfiring.

Hardly anyone believes their “oh we cannot step in and do politician stuff because um Danish Model”, everyone is saying “Oh for heaven’s sake, yes, Danish Model blah blah blah(!) Yes, this is totally a legitimately deadlocked debate(!) Just un-lockout the teachers. Jesus.”

The message of “our plan will improve schools” has been lost in the noise. The message of “it’s totally the lazy teachers’ fault this is happening” is not coming over. Bondo (the teacher union man), is seen as more trustworthy.

On the protest today, there was one man yelling at us to “get back to work”, versus about a dozen people shouting support or pipping us with their car horns. The majority of people looked sort of supportive if neutral. I did not spot any obvious signs of contempt or irritation from passersby.

I cannot believe that I am being prevented from doing my job by the government. I think they have misunderstood how lockouts work. Lockouts are to prove to the workers that they are not as valuable as they think, so you can force worse conditions on them.

This lockout is pretty much confirming “jaysus, but aren’t schools really important in this day and age!”

Why couldn’t they have worked out terms and conditions that would have saved money and were more likely to be taken by the unions? There are loads of things the unions have accepted, like more teaching hours per week and having to spend the working day on site. Why didn’t the government just work out what would have gone over better and made the savings they could?

It is like they set their hearts on a figure and cannot back down from it, even though it is unachievable.

My prediction is that a lot of people will leave teaching. There will be a lot of early retirement and stress leave retirement. There will be people who prefer A kasse to being treated like dirt.

Meanwhile, in politics. They have angered the blue voters for having a lockout in the first place and the red voters by treating workers badly. Enhedslisten and Dansk Folkeparti are agreeing with each other (about “stop fucking about and just admit the Danish Model is over”)

I just want this to be over. Can I go back to work, yet?

9 thoughts on “Backfiring Lockout

  1. It is so scary for me to watch as a parent. I really don’t want to send my kids back to a school that has become a battleground! The teachers at my childrens’ school are doing a great job, and I really hope that they will still be able to, after this is over, but I won’t blame them, if they are less than enthusiastic about going to work after being treated the way they are right now.
    And what is even more idiotic is, that my husband is lockout-ed as well, and he doesn’t even work at a school, he works at a produktionsskole, where they spend 32 hours a week with students (hours! Not even lessons). If their prep time is cut back any further, I really doubt they’ll be able to do even the most basic job functions.
    Can this please just be over soon?



    1. Right?! This is just complete madness.
      If this takes most of April, we only have May and June to cover curriculum and all that good stuff. In my school, we need to do a certain number of assessments on certain criteria and keeping me out of school for a couple of weeks means all my assessments will get squashed into May, so I can write reports in June.


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