Check in

I have a long post in me about good things in dk and another one about how I’m getting on but I’ve been ill this week.
I am commuting around 4 hours a day (including waiting around for the next leg) and I’m not 22 anymore so I’m pretty exhausted, not to mention incredibly busy.

Anyway, I wrote an article for the CPHPost because they give me deadlines so you can read that if you like. It’s about the Immigration Service.

5 thoughts on “Check in

  1. Ouch, 4 hours a day! I once had a very long commute which was luckily all on a comfy bus, so I could get lots of reading done. If you’re switching trains and waiting around, though, that could get tired very very fast.


  2. unrelated: the writing in your wardrobe is definitely not Thai,

    it’s definitely the same alphabet (Devanagari) as Hindi and is probably that language though the same script is used for some other languages (most notably Marathi and Nepali). My Hindi skills were never more than meager and are completely dormant now but I recognize kahaa (where) a couple of times, my guess is tht it’s song lyrics.


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