One thought on “Refugees in Denmark

  1. This chronic treatment of refugees has been going on for so long. That you wrote about it on CPH deserves a bravo!
    The Danes are just like mushrooms that live in the dark and are fed shit by their politicians, and they swallow it, unconditionally. If one listens to the likes of Søren ‘Assimilation’ Pind spitting out figures whilst on the topic of asylum and children, and the treatment they are subjected to, in a discussion with Pernille Rosenkrants-Theil, you can hear/see from this link…it’s right at the end:!/ where he mentions 60.000 ‘opholdstilladelse’ having been issued this year. Any mushroom listening and not absorbing what was said, would probably believe that to be issued to asylum seekers, it was a deliberate miscarriage of the truth. And anyhoo, I couldn’t find that figure mentioned anywhere on this link from the Ministry of Justice: in regard to to anything.
    They need to be exposed, the number of people that have been subjected to inhumane practices at the hands of the Danish authorities are many. It is so strange how they preach about family/children/dignity and all the rest, but it just doesn’t appear to apply if you don’t have a Danish pedigree. Such barfworthy hypocrisy is newsworthy!


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