Rugbrød isn’t all that healthy

I just read the anthropological report about a kindergarten teacher called “Louise” and her class. “Louise” has been told by her boss to promote healthy eating but “Louise” does not understand what constitutes healthy food. “Louise” has no background in nutrition at all but she is the most dangerous type of ignorant person. She does not know she is ignorant.

For example, she bans fruit juice and fruit yoghurt for being “unhealthy” but pronounces cookies “dessert”. She also has a major blindspot with regards to the possibilities of healthy eating if you come from another country. Only one type of sandwich is seen as “healthy”, everything else is “really unhealthy”. Unless you are white, of course, in which case, eat what you like. She ignores that some white kids in her class do not eat fruit or vegetables.

Her racism comes off of her in waves. But it’s that subtle type of racism, that unconscious form, where you just take it to be true that certain groups are backwards and stupid and need your guidance to become civilised. It’s just taken as read. You haven’t examined it, you haven’t agonised over it, you just assume it.

Anyway. She is dead wrong about rugbrød being “healthy”.

Now, don’t get me wrong, it’s not “unhealthy”, few foods are in moderation. But rugbrød contains far too much salt, so it’s health rating is not A+, as Louise believes, but rather B-.

A passing score, for sure, but nothing to be excited about. Add high salt toppings like sandwich meat or paté, and you have a sandwich which should only be given as an occasional treat.

White pita bread, which is seen as pitiable in her classroom and something the children believe is not allowed because it contains “fat” is ALSO a B-

Do you see, Louises of Denmark, white pita bread and dark rugbrød are exactly equivalent in terms of health. They are a part of a well balanced diet. But if your child does not like pita bread or does not like rugbrød, it is perfectly fine to find an alternative.

A healthy lunch box is a lunch box that contains healthy food that will be eaten. It’s no good to go to extremes:- either only food that is popular with your child but contains little in the way of nutrition or food that you know is very nutritious that your child cannot stand.

Pita bread and rugbrød are in the middle of these extremes. They are reasonably healthy but not the healthiest thing you can put in your child’s lunchbox. If your child does not enjoy eating one or both types of this bread, then it will do them no harm to give them something else in the way of complex carbohydrates.