I was just in Føtex and I had some dishwashing tablets and I joined the queue and the man turned round and looked at me. And then turned again, and said

“You should go ahead of me, you have only one thing.”

And I said, “Oh, no thanks but that’s nice.”

And then when it was his turn to go, he turned round again and said

“No, I can’t make you wait behind me when you’ve only got one thing.”

So I thanked him and called him “flink” and isn’t that lovely?

Then, I was in the bookstore and in a queue situation and a lady stood to the side of me, looking like she wanted to start a double-queue and I thought “easy come, easy go” but when the lady said “Who is next?” she turned her head and said “I think she was.” ABOUT ME!

Two random acts of thoughtfulness and kindness! Fuck yeah!

11 thoughts on “FUCK YEAH FLINK

  1. If you were in the queue at the chemist and I was waiting for my medicine I would steamroller you and give you the flinker ….errrr finger….hahaha no I wouldn’t of course not……….but people do get paid on Friday so maybe they’re in a good mood, congrats on the positives


    1. It’s so nice. Although I was thinking on the way out of the shop
      “Does it cancel out all the times someone has pushed in?”
      and the answer is
      “Not quite but we’ll see.”


  2. Might it have anything to do with you being recognised?
    Perhaps there’s a poster campaign by someone who read these posts – “Be nice, for fuck’s sake – she’s on to us!”


    1. HAHA. Could be. I think also because there’s a campaign called “Fucking Flink” by some Dane about “For god’s sake can’t we be nice to each other???” maybe that’s trickling down?


  3. I admire you for seeing the positive, there’s a lot of the unadulterated ‘other’ in circulation.


  4. I also get pretty much excited when such random things happen!!! I know by hear the number of times someone held a door for me when entering a store: 2 times!!!


    1. I tend to freak out when it happens. The expression of shocked surprise on my face is kind of pathetic. I don’t know how I’d respond if it happened twice in one day. Coronary?


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