Saw Kapringen last night at the local cinema. I very much recommend it. Good acting, good pacing, good story. Also, there’s a story line that revolves around arrogance which I think rang very true. It’s a bit bleak but that’s okay, right? Half the cast of Borgen are in it. Pilou Asbæk is in it and he is really good. He acts his little socks off. One thing that I liked about the film particularly was how it did not pull back from presenting things as complicated. There are no easy answers served up, no good guys or bad guys. Just a lot of guys in shit situations they would rather not be.

My cinema had invited a special guest to introduce the film, Rasmus Tantholdt off TV2.

Now, I don’t know what I was expecting but I was surprised by how measured he was. He showed great (and deep), understanding of the complicated situation off the Somali coast, he’s a credit to his people!

One thing he talked about that I didn’t realise was that it is not governments who negotiate for hostages’ release, it is outside consultants. They charge a lot *per day*, so there’s no incentive to get people back quickly. Apparently, if you are going to get kidnapped, you should be kidnapped along with American citizens. This means you will get Navy Seals coming to get you.

He talked about the Danish Defence’s presence and how having warships in the area has reduced piracy but that it was very frustrating for sailors that the pirates had to be put on a boat back to the coast because there is no easy way of punishing them for their crimes (unless they commit them against Danes and then, if they ended up in Danish prisons, what would stop them from claiming asylum?)

He tackled some really quite childlike ideas from the crowd about “building prisons” so gently it was actually quite beautiful.

My town (for their part), laughed inappropriately at a couple of things in his talk. The first was when a Somali woman off the news said “Well, what are the pirates supposed to do, the foreigners have stolen all our fish” (He came back on that and said “She’s not necessarily wrong, there’s no coastguard and lots of countries did overfish and dump toxic waste there in the past.”), and the second was when he showed a photo of a couple of Danish hostages looking scared and filthy. Yeah, that’s hilarious(!) Human suffering, trololol. My town, man, my town.

Anyway, I recommend you see the film. A lot of the film in English but you might need to wait for subtitles if your Danish is nil-to-basic.