Danish racism

My country, the UK, has a lot of racists. Some of them are stupid. Some of them are bright. Some of them are violent. Some of them are passive. Some of them are just ignorant. Some of them actively seek ignorance.

Danish racists, it seems, are a lot more homogenous.

All Danish racists are stupid. I don’t mean like “Wow, that guy doesn’t have any book smarts at all!” or “What! He doesn’t even have a degree?!” but like “wow, that argument was stupid.”

One argument they like to make is “I don’t want to feel like I’m a racist, so that wasn’t racist,” another is “Only a few people/No one has complained, so it wasn’t really racist,” and my personal favourite “Oh, you’re calling me out on racism? I bet that means you like *whatever it is I’m saying ALL MUSLIMS EVERYWHERE DO because some people from that group did it*”

I mean, seriously, you have to be either a child or incapable of critical thought for some other reason (“the stupid”), to come up with that shit.

Danish racists are un-self-aware. They will say shit like “Don’t generalise about Danes! They are not all the same.” and “Well, Danish people never commit violent crime” and “Don’t be so sensitive!” and “I’m not racist, so no Danish people are racist and you should stop talking about Danish racism.”

Danish racists are simple. It is all black and white. And when they see a grey on the horizon… Perhaps, they have realised they are talking to a foreigner… they will say

“Oh no no. I don’t mean you. I mean THE OTHER immigrants!”

Which shows a singular lack of deep thought. Yes, yes. The other immigrants. All of whom you have not met.  And if you did meet the thousands of them personally, you’d say the same. Until you met the dozen or so people who you actually mean and then you would say “I do mean you.”

Meanwhile, when you meet Bad Danes (of which there are many many more), you do not say “I guess it’s your culture that made you rob that house/rape that woman/beat your child to death.” You dismiss it as an anomaly. (As you fucking well should!)

Danish racists are trusting. If their rotten media serves up a story about immigrants (for example, immigrants are over represented in prisons. Possible interpretation: “Foreigners are sentenced more harshly/Foreigners commit more serious crimes. Because around 10x more Danes are convicted of any crime than people with a foreign background.” Danish newspaper interpretation “Foreigners are criminals”. Or another example, half of convicted rapists are foreign. Possible interpretation “Danish men are believed in court when they say ‘She was plenty willing!’ and foreign men are not.” Danish newspaper interpretation “Foreign men are rapists.” Another example, a few hundred Somalis cheat on their taxes and a report says “they” keep themselves to themselves. Possible interpretation “Only a couple of hundred, why that’s the same per capita incidence of tax fraud as the Danish population! And that’s still a lot better than companies like Nestlé and Q8! And keeping yourself to yourself is the Danish way. Way to go, Somalians!” Danish newspaper interpretation “Why are they here? I wish they would die in a fire.”) they believe it. They do not check facts. They do not ask around. They do not question “Who benefits?” They do not think “What is their agenda here?” They trust it. And they quote it to you. And they treat it like solid gold fact.

Danish racists are the mainstream. Now, racism is widespread across all cultures and it’s something that is part of being human. There are weird things we all believe that are not true, not just to do with race and culture. But this brand of “Arab/Muslims are just bad to the bone, we should treat them badly because a minority are criminal. But Danish criminals are an anomaly and besides, their crimes are just “nicer”, aren’t they? Asian people are all sluts and say ching-chong. Black people are all stupid and say ooga booga.” racism is the only one you will find. You won’t find the variation in opinion that you might find in other countries. And the Danish racists are the mainstream.

There are Danes who are not racists and they are working overtime to keep that shit afloat, man. Because it’s EVERYWHERE. And it’s normal!

My boss at the kommune suggests schools should select children at least in part based on ethnicity, and everyone says “not racist enough”. Across the parties, there were a bunch of explanations given about how “they” need spreading out. So “their” culture is not dominant. So “they” can learn alongside Danish children, which will improve THEIR results. A cinema in Copenhagen says “Watch out: it’s Eid and “they” get rowdy” and then says “Sorry IF you were offended but “THEY” ARE ROWDY AT EID.” A playpark bans all Somali-looking people and when they are told off say “What? That’s ILLEGAL now?” Or when you go into a shop and the person working there realises and then they treat you like shit because “you are all the same.” It’s mainstream. It’s everywhere.

It’s easy for me to be careful in case I’m being racist because that is mainstream in my culture. I have had a lot of practise.  It’s easy for me to question racist interpretations because I have had training at school.

So, here’s to all the non-racist Danes. Keep up the good work, guys!

9 thoughts on “Danish racism

  1. I’m banging my head to the wall, really. I shouldn’t do that and I shouldn’t “hurt” myself either by taking part in Danish debate. It’s undo-ing all the good work that I have done by avoiding the Danes generally.

    You know I have more respects to those who actually say they’re racists, and have a stance where they are standing rather than those passive-aggresive who says “But we’re not racists…but we don’t mean you…”

    I am most particularly enraged by the comment after I mentioned that Danes do live in ghetto outside DK – when they said that Danes just don’t commit crime, they live in peace and have their own money. REALLY. And you assume all those, I suppose because you lot think so fucking highly of yourselves, don’t you?

    and nobody say a thing about bunch of bikers storming in to Hvidovre Hospital in April.



    1. Once,I was looking for newspaper headlines that said “Danish man commits….” and they exist but they’re only about Danish men getting up to shenaningans abroad. So, yeah, you’re right, what a load of bullshit about “yeah well no Danish emigrant has ever committed a crime in the history of emigration.”

      Back to the bubble! BACK!


  2. Good post, I have tried to tackle this subject with a few Danes I know and they are astounded when I say that their country is racist…

    One example I experienced:- We took a trip to my local home / furniture store (Jysk) and I was too stunned to speak at one point – we were there to complain about the delivery service and were asked if the delivery guys were ‘foreigners’. Unfortunately they were, which reinforced their ideas. Now the staff there obviously know that I am a foreigner too – but apparently that is ok because I am not the ‘other’ kind of foreigner (brown skinned). I just wonder how they would have treated me if my Danish fella hadn’t been there too… :/

    I know this mentality exists in the UK, but it seems a lot less tolerated and personally I have never heard such blatant racism over there in comparison.

    I used to joke around about different races/nationalities myself, between friends (amongst a whole host of other controversial topics, including religion & sexist stuff etc) but I have become a little more self aware of what I say here because it’s not received the same way.


    1. Like when a doctor was really crap and I complained to my family doc and she said “those people are really patriarchal” because he was from Turkey! JESUS H CHRIST.

      Yeah, there’s no way you can bring nuance into these discussions. It really is like dealing with nine year olds.
      If you wouldn’t make an ironic joke about racism/sexism with a 9 year old, you shouldn’t do it around stranger-danes. They don’t have the mental capacity.


  3. I believe everyone is racist, some more than others. Some consciously try to be racist, some consciously try not to be racist but are still so subconsciously, and some never consider the question. Can you really claim you are not racist? The only exception is very small children who have not be acculturated to the racist world.


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