Occasionally, I have to do break supervision. This usually involves me dealing with minor injuries on the school playground and almost certainly breaking up a fight. Little kids are the worst.

There are a lot of things I say in order to break up and prevent fights. One of which is



Now, as with all phrases I have never heard in Danish, there is always a moment when I say something new and wait to see if there is understanding. Or did I just shit the bed communicatively? The first time I said it, the children smiled and ran off.

“Ja ja!”

So, they get it and they understand it and it also amuses them. Win win.

I told my boyfriend and he said “That’s not a thing.” Not that it didn’t make sense, wasn’t grammatical or what have you. Just that it didn’t exist as a phrase. Well, whatever. I didn’t learn Danish just so I could say the exact same things everyone else was saying.

“Mmm, dine frikkadelle smagt DEJLIG, Tove.”

“Nåh, har du et nyt SOMMERhus, Jens?”

Fuck that.

I was wondering about why I had never heard the word “flink” outside of the book “Fucking Flink” and then, blow me, but I heard the word twice in one week.

I was joining a new gym, more of a fitness club for kommune staff. I might as well, for as long as I am on the payroll. The man showing me around the gym, said “We’re all really flink here, so if you get stuck, you can ask any of us.” Then he pointed out some regulars who waved. So, it IS true, the gateway to friendly Danes is a sports club!

The next day, I had to go to the kommune to pick up a key for the gym. The security guard sorted it all out for me. At the end, I asked “Hey, is this my security code here?”

“Oh no, your security code is the last four digits of your identity number. We’re flink like that, here.”

So, here’s to flinkness. I hope I see more of it.

10 thoughts on “Flink

  1. not that you probably care, at this point, but the word flink was explained to me as more like a version of dygtig, or rar….. but in your usage with the kids, would be more understandable to say, være søde….. by the way, how are your plans going to get the heck out of Denmark forever_? I mentioned and quoted you in a post I wrote recently, by the way. about racism….


    1. Flink means dygtig in Norwegian. Surprise surprise…

      First time I was at my Norwegian office, my boss introduced me to a colleague, he said she’s very “flink” and I was like “HUH?” but he meant she was very good at what she was doing.


  2. I don’t know much about Denmark – I get all my Danish education from The Killing and Borgen (which, by the way, I hope you watch) – so another perspective is interesting: flink post!


    1. Yeah, they’re good. My bf made me watch rejseholdet (the unit I think in English) not as impressed.
      I love the way there’s a load of foreigners whose impression of Dk is the politicians discard their ideals for power, the police are totally incompetent and it is always raining!


  3. Some Danes are flink, that’s before you start talking to them and hear what they’ve got to say about the “muslims”. This is why I am avoiding them, no matter how flink they are :/


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