What do Jyllands Posten want?

Jyllands Posten have started a campaign against Somalians. They have always been reactionary around the area of immigration and diversity. They sponsored a cartoon competition to see “Who can piss off the most Muslims?” and then went crying to the Prime Minister about free speech when it pissed off Muslims.

Recently, they have been making a big thing about the Somalians. They have published a bunch of articles about how they cheat on their taxes (250 Somalians cheated on their taxes. Number of Danes who cheated on their taxes: unknown), don’t try to fit in with the culture by keeping themselves to themselves (when “expats” only socialise with other “expats” or when Danes only socialise with other Danes, it’s fine) and some send money to warlords in Somalia.

Yes, 250 Somalians cheated on their taxes. Yes, some Somalians keep themselves to themselves and don’t interact much with many Danes. Yes, some Somalians have sent money that has ended up in the hands of terrorists. These things are true. But only for a certain value of true. No attempt is made to say “only a tiny minority of Somalians” or even “not all Somalians”. No attempt to draw unfavourable parallels with the criminal activity of the Danish background people. It’s all out racial stereotyping.

What do they want? Do they want racial tension? Do they want racial violence? Do they want citizens of Denmark with Somalian heritage to feel unwelcome? Do they want people who were born here to “go home to Somalia”?

I recently had a trip to the UK and I felt like a weight lifted off my shoulders. Part of it was I was in my own culture and could speak my own language. But most of it was that people were nice to me even after I opened my mouth. Being in Denmark is making me ill with anxiety attacks. And I’m not being stereotyped in the media as a cheat and a drain. And I can leave any time I want and have somewhere to go.

I cannot imagine what it is like to know that Denmark is my home, to have citizenship but never being welcome here. To be given stink eye in the street for looking different. In the event of poor treatment, never knowing if it was just bad customer service or racism. In every conversation with Danes, having to justify my existence by showing what a good immigrant I am.

This campaign is distasteful and evil. Jyllands Posten are up to shenanigans and the consequences will be violence, mental illness and further discrimination.

Is that what they want?

5 thoughts on “What do Jyllands Posten want?

  1. I think it IS what they want. Whenever I get a “please subscribe” phone call from them, I tell the poor salesperson what I think of the Jyllands Posten. ;-)


  2. Urgh. Jyllands Posten. There’s nothing balanced about their news. I swear their only reason of existence among Danish media is to provoke with stupid news from stupid people.


  3. It’s contrived, it’s deliberate, and if they say it loud enough and long enough, the natives will believe it, and they do, not that most of them have communicated with any Somalis loik, they just assume as real live Danes that it is their prerogative, to be the judge and jury of all and sunder, especially Somalis at the moment, because of the wonders of free speech that exist in Denmark which is really just a euphemism to shit from a great height on anyone, but somehow they make a consolidated effort to do it, and strangely enough to people who have run to save their lives. JP is has turned provocation into its very own brand, what a sick idiosyncrasy to be labelled with.


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