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Politiken are doing a good job covering the news story that broke in the local news a few months ago about Amy Rebecca Steen, an eleven year old girl removed very violently from a foster family (who were happy to let her stay for as long as she wanted).

In Politiken’s research, they have uncovered some really quite disturbing details on the case and it makes the local borough in general and Per B Christensen in particular look monstrous.

Amy’s story started in an orphanage in Ethiopia (her mother is alive but she could not take care of her). She was brought with one of her sisters by a Danish family to be adopted in Denmark. It looks like the family had no support and had not been properly checked because she reported she and her sister were being beaten and asked to be taken away. Her sister is still with this family, as far as I can make out.

She was placed with foster carers and even though she has problems because of her previous emotional neglect, she was thriving. The uncertainty though of being with emergency foster carers was too much and she was starting to get mentally ill. She was really worried she might be put in an orphanage/group home situation and so the family asked the borough to come up with a permanent arrangement. They were happy to have her.

The borough council decided to put her in a group home. Per B Christensen said the following:-

“Her problems are too much for a foster family to handle.

She needs to be placed with professionals who can distance themselves emotionally.”

Bear in mind, psychologists are saying that’s exactly what she doesn’t need in their professional opinion. (Because it is emotional neglect and it will scar her beyond repair.)

That Per B Christensen can say of an 11 year old child who has been traumatised by rejection and physical abuse that what she really needs is to be brought up by strangers who will never love her shows how inhuman Per B Christensen is. How dare Per B Christensen? How DARE he dress up saving money as meeting a vulnerable child’s needs? What sort of man is Per B Christensen? I don’t know if Per B Christensen has children or nieces/nephews but I sincerely doubt that if any of them were traumatised before their teens that he would recommend that they be institutionalised because their needs were too great.

The borough council have also banned Amy from seeing her sister and the foster parents she was thriving with. This is sheer vindictiveness.

The only people she is allowed to see are the people who abused her and put her in this position. I say “allowed”, it’s more like “forced”. If a child has disclosed abuse allegations, the last thing you do is take away their choices and force them to spend time with their abusers.

What you do, Næstved Kommune, is investigate the allegations. You take out all the children and you make a full and thorough report. You do not act like the allegations are false and frivolous. You do not continue abusing the child. You do not punish the child with institutionalisation and separation from loved ones. You do not punish the adults who were looking out for her by accusing THEM of child abuse.

This is basic humanity 101, Næstved Kommune.

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      1. Which people? This is one of MANY cases I’ve heard of where the government, not just Per B., has moved children away from “omsorg” though in each case, the child was part or completely foreign-born. Whereas, in my volunteer work as a Voksen Ven, the whole idea is – as you have noted – to provide Danish children with the support and closeness that children, and all people, need to become fully functioning, healthy, empathetic members of society. If this were in the U.S. or in many other western cultures, I would be advocating a class action brought on behalf of all the children who this government rips from those who truly care from them . . . and I would argue some form of cruel and unusual punishment. This institutional deprivation of “omsorg” when non-fully ethnic Danes are involved is in fact, just that. And it is very likely also illegal as a discriminatory procedure under EU law.


    1. The Danish NSPCC has commented and reported the borough to the authorities (to which the authorities replied “We usually respect your work but you’re out of line here”)

      But basically, no, it’s not recognised or dealt with. Shit, even familial abuse isn’t dealt with.
      I know one family where the father has several police and medical reports of his physical and sexual abuse of his children but he got full custody because the judge refused to look at it.
      Several cases have come to light where a child or children are abused for a protracted amount of time and then the adult survivor takes the parents to court.

      The Danish authorities are lazy, inhuman and cowardly. This country is not fit for human habitation.


  1. Another thought – is that this brave young girl who has been trying to advocate for herself is suffering from an institutional bias against “complaining” which most Danes learn early on (when being taught the Penguin march in school) is not only unpopular but will lead to ostracisation, marginalization. You can see this reaction also in how the authorities respond to those who are trying to offer support for this child. “Don’t tell us how to do our jobs!”


  2. I say this type of treatment stems only from an inability to empathize and is proof of Dane’s inability to do just that. Its that simple. Also, I feel for others like her poor sister. How can people in Denmark allow this? We see this type of “behavior” by the councils time and time again regarding the complete mishandling of situations where child welfare is concerned. SHAME.


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