Søren Espersen and Jyllands Posten

What the hell are 16 943 Somalians even doing in Denmark?

by Søren Espersen

It suddenly hit me this morning when I read a story about some systematic tax evasion by a group of Somalians: in Jyllands-Posten: What the Hell are 16 943 Somalians even doing in Denmark…?

Suddenly? Like, you woke up one morning and thought “You know what? I have NEVER thought like this. But nearly 17 000 people can be generalised into a bloc and told to go home!”

It wasn’t so much that a group of them had cheated their taxes, that’s something that even Danes excel in, nah, it was more about what are 16 943 Somalians doing in Denmark instead of being home in Somalia because of the Jyllands Posten’s side story next to the big story on tax.

So in many ways, those Somalians are pretty much integrating properly as tax evasion is almost a national sport here in Denmark.

In the article: “Somalians are the least well integrated in Denmark” it was reported that the Somali community in Denmark is a total parallel society, made up of people who are completely isolated from the surrounding country and where families and clans rule. An expert from Roskilde University Shahamak Rezaei said to the paper that it is basically about how migrant families place their loyalty in as much as “it looks like they think more about me-and-mine and in that way live in a parallel existence”.

I don’t mean to come over all “but their mommy lets them do it!” but what you are describing is exactly how Danish-background families are in Denmark. They don’t give a fudge about anyone else, beyond their family and sports club… possibly colleagues. I have heard of people breaking bones in the street and being ignored by those who pass by them. Where’s the loyalty to people in Denmark there?

It also describes a lot of immigrant groups of Danes abroad. I don’t understand why you think this is necessarily a Bad Thing, Søren. This is what people do when they expatriate.

The paper reveals that Somalians are completely divorced from other immigrant groups by having a large systematic money collection universe from which millions of kroner every year, via Dubai, are sent to clans in Somalia. The expert from Roskilde said in this connection that this trade is to underline that the Somalian’s loyalty is limited to their network back home.

OF COURSE! They send the money home because they want to stick the middle finger up at Danish society(!) It’s got nothing to do with their families living in god knows what conditions. It’s got nothing to do with continuing to love relatives after moving away from them. It’s all about disrespecting DENMARK(!)

Jyllands-Posten tells us further that the Somalians do extremely poorly in the labour market and they isolate themselves in ghettos, where they can continue their Somalian life, completely without connection to us others.

Didn’t another report just recently tell us that ghettos are caused by white-flight? You know. White people being racist and moving away from Somalis because they don’t want any connection with them.

Hasn’t “doing poorly” in the labour market at least a little to do with Danish employers having prejudices against Somalians for some reason? (God knows where they would get prejudices about Somalians from)

Don’t all Danish families isolate themselves so they can continue their Danish life, completely without connection to us others? Why is it different when a Somalian family does the same?

For me, who has read Aayan Hirsi-Ali’s books and has interviewed the strong and brave women, amongst other things about this peculiar Somalian world, the Jyllands-Posten article with this shocking information makes me wonder.

So all Somalis are the same. Except the brave, strong ones. Except the writer ones. The rest of them are the same. All of them.

  • I wonder why we even have Somalian residents in this country, when they don’t have the least interest in Denmark or in the Danish people.

Refugees. They are refugees. They are fleeing for their lives. It’s really not about “you” or “interest”, it’s about your country offering to take in a certain number of refugees so they don’t die. 

  • I am surprised that Denmark entertains and supports a giant group of people who only have contempt for us and our way of life.

Even if that were true. Even if you could say that approximately 17 000 people have exactly the same beliefs. Even if you could say that those beliefs about this country were “contemptuous” or “scornful”, it’s really not about that.

Taking in refugees and asylum seekers isn’t about their gratitude afterwards. It’s about fulfilling international obligations and basic human compassion for those in need.

Besides, what you have described as your evidence for contempt: the parallel society, ghettos, sending money home etc is more accurately described as “disinterest”.

  • I wonder why the Somalians don’t just go home when all their life, journeys, thoughts, language -and work in general – is in Somalia.
I expect as soon as it is safe to do so, many of them will do just that. How is this not hate speech, Søren? Not all Somalians are the same. Some of them like Denmark, some of them identify as part Danish, some of them want to stay and pay back the community.
How do I know that? Because I know some actual Somalians. And I’ve spoken to them in Danish (and English) about Denmark. So much for isolating themselves from all other immigrant groups. So much for not knowing the language.

  • Yes, I wonder what the hell 16 943 Somalians are even doing in Denmark.

I expect you do, Søren. I expect you wonder about that a lot. I expect your lack of thoughtfulness, logic and basic human compassion does lead you to those thoughts.

Why the hell don’t you ask a Somalian instead of “wondering” aloud on your soapbox, you stupid self righteous prick? 


Now, of course Søren Espersen has the right to express himself and Jyllands-Posten have the right to publish but holy shit, guys. This is the basest form of hate speech. How on earth isn’t there a health warning all over this? Have we become so inured to racism that this is acceptable? Have we become so inured to poor argumentation that this is not laughable?

Not only is it poorly argued and constructed but it lacks basic insight into the issue. It is total garbage. 

The original article about the tax evading Somalis was irresponsible, given how many Danish-background tax evaders there are in comparison.

What sort of impression do JP wish to give of the Somali community when they highlight the actions of a minority of a minority in such terms? And never one to be left out, several papers even “left wing” ones, have covered the story in exactly these terms. And you know the drill: “What!? They ARE Somalian. It’s not RACIST to describe them as Somalian when they ARE.”

Perhaps not. But it is certainly irresponsible to portray the entire Somalian population as cheats.

There are just under 17000 Somalians in the country and 269 of them cheated on their taxes. That’s a tax fraud level of just 1.5% in the Somalian community.

98.5% Somalians are honest in their tax affairs. And that’s not news?

I would DEARLY like to know the stats for Danish-background tax evasion. A study in 2006 showed that 8.4% of people living in Denmark gave too little in tax, and about 1% of those were deliberate cheats.

A more recent study found (but this also did not exclude immigrant groups):-

“that the tax evasion rate is very small (0.3%) for income subject to third-party reporting, but substantial (37%) for self-reported income. Since 95% of all income is third-party reported, the overall evasion rate is very modest.”

 It goes on to make the point

“overall tax evasion is low, not because taxpayers are unwilling to cheat, but because they are unable to cheat successfully due to the widespread use of third-party reporting.”

The article about the parallel society, again is trolling of the worst kind. It is not available on the Internet but I have access to all newspaper articles in Denmark because of my job.

All it does is innocently set out the findings of Shahamak Rezaei (from a paper that is not available publicly), that Somalians send money home and perhaps have more connection to their families than Danish society, right next to articles about Somalian tax evasion.  

Free speech is one thing but this is a terrible abuse of it. It is a deliberate and cunning way to get nice people like my mother-in-law to see problems with the Somali community when before she might have taken each Somalian she met on their own merits. It is a malicious way of allowing “people” like Søren Espersen to innocently inquire “Why don’t they GO HOME?” 

It is racist. It is lazy. And it is dangerous. 

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27 thoughts on “Søren Espersen and Jyllands Posten

  1. It’s amazing that someone with a journalism degree (like Soeren Espersen) can manage to write such an example of simplistic bigotry… It’s also amazing that so many readers actually buy that crap, and don’t realize this is what one should expect of their racist-and-slightly-senile grandfather. Common-place xenophobic ideas, not one ounce of original thought, and he starts his blog post by saying: “It suddenly hit me…” Suddenly? Really?


      1. He’s a horrible little man. But in pea-brain land, such comments make him sound like the everyman, and votes follow. :-/ And the wheel keeps turning.


    1. A journalism degree from Denmark is worth fuck all. I have not yet seen a single piece of good journalism in Denmark. Danish journalists are also SO up their own arse like it’s a fucking ‘craft’. It’s all crap. They (DKs) can act, sure, ‘The Killing’ was mildly entertaining… but can they write proper news pieces? Non.


  2. Hate speech is freedom of speech in Denmark, but that only applies to Danes. But for us foreigners, freedom of speech gets replies like “If you don’t like it here, why don’t you go home”

    On the other hand, no Danes seem to understand the concept of quota refugees, and that it’s DK’s duty to take in some refugees. They think DK govt is being generous (and stupid) to do so and they wish them to stop it.


    1. I’m reading a book about the Liberian war by Leymah Gbowee. She talks about the time Liberia let refugees from Sierra Leone just after they were recovering from their first war.
      She says that although Liberia was poor, they could not turn their backs on people that needed them. The fact that anyone in a rich country like Denmark can say the opposite speaks very poorly of the individuals in certain powerful political movements here.


  3. ‘hate speech is freedom of speech in denmark’

    for a racist like myself, because, apparently, according to a lot of DKs I am a racist because I can quite confidently say that once you have met the Ten Types of Daner you have met most Danes, except for maybe like the very rare one who isn’t LIKE THE REST OF THEM (someone correct my math if I am wrong), and yeah, they are pretty much all the same, and it is probably better to generalse so you don’t get your hopes up and expect anybody here to be like UH different from the rest, and if you do stumble on one who is different it will be because they are foreign, married to a foreigner, what is classed as ‘mentally ill’ here or was brought up in a different culture, or sees the benefit of different cultures.

    Yes, you see, for a racist myself, these freehatespeech laws of Danmark really works for me. It means I can say biased things about and against the so called ‘Danes’ and get away with it.

    Oh wait. Just aminute, we can only say hateful things about OTHER races. not Daners.

    Oh dear.

    Be right back.


  4. Søren Espersen is a particularly unintelligent creep, with a string (a long one) of vile remarks about foreigners, especially Muslims. Your comments after his remarks deserve a prize, (it’s in the post…!), and it is a fact, that there are hoards of really ignorant Danes out there that inwardly digest and believe the deliberate distortions dished up by that mega racist. We took on a Somali guy, as an apprentice, he passed his exams and stayed with us for 10 years, he was a delightful person, as were his wife and 4 well behaved children. This shit, that bastard Espersen has just puked up makes me really see red. Thanks for your post.


    1. It makes me very angry too. How DARE he? He doesn’t even KNOW any Somalians, he said that himself
      “As someone who has read ONE book by a Somalian and interviewed a handful of brave Somalians.” What fucking planet is he even on?


    2. Hate that man. What a nasty man. He’s right up there with most-hated Danes on my list. That ugly hateful Mogens cretin tops the list.


  5. I’m convinced Denmark is about 30 to 50 years behind the rest of the world when it comes to integration of its refugees and also its immigrants. This is the reason for the blatant racism and outright discrimination we see throughout that society. Its going to take time to change even just the attitudes there. I’ve even worked at this myself, so I know the politics involved in dealing with it are huge. They are simply not good at it and need help. Badly.

    I noticed and recorded first hand the way in which Denmark treats its refugees, and it has steadily gotten worse and worse over the years. Note that a good way to judge a country or any society for that matter, is better understood by a look at how it treats the refugees it must take in according to the international agreements signed by it.

    People outside of Denmark have also started taking note. We see a very alarming right wing tendency in especially Northern Europe, that is very dangerous and needs to be dealt with now.

    I’m convinced that years of socialist dogma and indoctrination is at least partly to blame for The Danes reactions to people who are not like them. Its so embedded and don’t for a second think that SE’s thoughts are not secretly how many Danes do feel themselves right now not only towards Somalis, but most foreigners, in deed. They just don’t say it out loud.

    It was refreshing at the very least to read some of the Facebook comments on SE’s blog post in JP. Not everybody living in DK will stand for this kind of bigotry. Its going to take an awakening, though. An awaking of a whole country that one day must realize that diversity in culture and fairness in the treatment of refugees can only benefit it’s population.

    I’ve done my part. Who’s turn is it now?


    1. The Danes! It’s the DANES’ turn now. It’s their country. Do they want it to be a shithole? They can’t keep relying on us to raise the consciousness and do all the heavy lifting of thinking things through.
      There are so very few Danish activists and there are also a vanishing minority of people who are willing to look at things properly and not let whackos like JP lead them by the nose. They have GOT to come to their senses, it can’t all be foreigners and outsiders doing their anti-racism activism.


      1. Indeed it is The Danes turn now. The way I look at it, though, it does not matter who does the heavy lifting or not. Back in the 50’s an 60’s it was not the racist white that did the heavy lifting during the civil rights movement. (This is just an example since its all I have to compare with)

        I was recently a passenger in a van in downtown Greensboro, North Carolina, USA where students from the local university demonstrated by refusing to leave an establishment, back in like 1964 or something, that was “for whites only” (Its now a museum). If they hadn’t have done it, who would have? Not the intellectuals, or even the liberal Northerners. As we passed right in front of the Woolworth’s lunch counter, I turned to the driver, who happened to be of African American descent, and proclaimed, “Thank God they did”.

        Its going to take an uprising, I’m afraid.


  6. Great piece Etellerandet.
    The most Danes I know are racist (with a smile and a nudge and a you know what I mean wink) and personally a newspaper like Jyllands Posten that can give this Søren guy space to write his filth goes beyond me. I know a few Somalis and not one of them are shy or unsociable, they are but model human beings with their preferred beliefs and actually YES actually study to get further in this life (and that means not just learning Danish). I was personally lambasted for speaking English…….in an English pub WTF and when I replied (in Danish) that I had been speaking Danish almost all of the week and it was quite nice to speak with a fellow Englishman in my mother tongue was……..actually refreshing. Somalian tax dodgers hey…….Shell, Carlsberg, Arla 3 words, pay little tax. Jyllands Posten should be made to go out of print (News of the World spring to mind). Watch out for the Euro football championships everyone, could be the most explosive racist championships ever……..I’m a massive football fan but if these championships were not to go ahead then so be it


    I fucking hate racism, sorry for going off the Somali topic. Peace in the World for everyone


    1. I have been told more times in that fucking pub to speak Danish to my English speaking friends than in any other venue in the whole of Denmark.

      Who do they think they are?

      I wonder how much tax JP pay, actually.


    1. It is good! It is really good!
      BUT even the straw-somalians that Søren described shouldn’t be asked to leave. His entire argument “Why should they be allowed to keep themselves to themselves” is garbage.


      1. Hilarious argument, as I’m sure that man would set fire to his penis before socializing with Somalians.


  7. Great post as usual. Ever since I started reading newspapers some 13 years ago (age 28) the lowest common denominator, rooted in fear, has been the norm…


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