Danish Mainstream Culture is Quite Racist


I mean, I can think of a lot of examples which highlight that Danish mainstream culture is quite racist and have written about them at length.

So, let’s have a heated debate. Do you readers out there think that Denmark is quite racist in the mainstream? Or is it just little pockets? Can one say “It’s not racism in this country to do x”, if anyone has been offended by it? Is it just individuals making mistakes and not indicative of the culture as a whole?

Strictly no derailments!

Examples include personal attacks and the following:-

1) America/the UK/every other country is the same/worse

2) That’s not racist! You’re overly sensitive/can’t take a joke.

3) Shut up and go home.

Like my main man Lao Tzu says:-

“A great nation is like a great man:
When he makes a mistake, he realizes it.
Having realized it, he admits it.
Having admitted it, he corrects it.
He considers those who point out his faults
as his most benevolent teachers.
He thinks of his enemy
as the shadow that he himself casts.”

If someone is telling you that you have shat the bed, you probably don’t say

1) Other people (e.g. babies) shit in their beds all the time

2) I was joking when I shat the bed/it’s my culture to defecate here

3) Get out of my bedroom if you don’t like shitty beds!

But rather: please tell me more about developing my voluntary nocturnal anal continence.

Let’s do that here. (But for racism and not recumbent bowel evacuation. )

6 thoughts on “Danish Mainstream Culture is Quite Racist

  1. Yes, Denmark is plagued by a pervasive racism.
    Not in the racism “classic” where people of colour are openly discriminated against, or openly denied access to places because of their skin-colour as such, but in the much more subtle common understanding that “culture” is something absolute or inherited. Negative cultural traits and practices are automatically ascribed to people not fitting the mental image of a “dane” (which however is related physical appearance/skin-colour). It is present in all parts of our society, from our bureaucratic and legal institutions that have been build up to sort out foreigners, to the way we see “danish” practice as best practice, no matter what.

    We don’t believe racism can be more than White Pride and the most extreme right, and so we have not reflected on racist discriminatory practices, that go beyond yelling “perker” at a coloured person on the street. I think a good example is how in articles, media and general discourse, we always talk about “the danes” (danskere) instead of “the citizens of Denmark” (borgerne i Danmark/det danske samfund). I have grown up here, but I am half swedish, have a swedish passport, so I don’t feel I qualify for “dane”. I’m a citizen of Denmark, I gladly admit that, but I hate it when people talk about “the danes”, since it’s exclusive, and normally, what they really mean to say is the “citizens of Denmark”. It’s not something you would reflect on, except if you don’t automatically identify yourself as a “dane”.


      1. I think I have heard of it, the title ring a bell. Didn’t it cause some commotion some time ago?


  2. Cultural racism. Absolutely. This is the issue I have with Denmark too.
    Here is a candid interview I shot with then outgoing US Ambassador Cain at his final Danish press conference in 2009 before boarding his flight back to The US. He had just been removed from his duties as Ambassador. Just scrub to about 14 minutes in the hear his thoughts on this very subject. He notes that DK is years behind other cultures in respect to integration and will have to deal with embracing other cultures inevitably. I agree.

    Here’s what we can do about it: those of us who are responsible for instilling values in our children need to make sure they are taught to continue be open minded in spite of the usual Danish brainwashing and conditioning they will inevitably encounter in the “education” system. It is possible.


  3. I think…well, I don’t think so much just spout off, but here goes.

    I think that the UK is racist too, and that I have met racism and prejudice in every country I have been in, which is quite a few on visits, and a few I have lived in. In fact when I lived in XXXXX I met an angry mob of villagers who had got together with batons and pitchforks and banners telling me and ‘my sort’ to go home and to get out of their village. The banners read ‘*insert the group I was in with that shall remain nameless here* scum go home!’ and I had to read them to my children who weren’t literate at that stage but nevertheless wanted to know what the pretty signs said.

    I think that the UK is full of racist arseholes, everybody hates the ‘pikeys’ everybody hates the ‘polish’ everybody hates the ‘muslims’ (muslim being the new word for p***s’ everybody hates the inner city kids, everybody hates the white trash, the dole scum, and nobody “was surprised” the rioters were ‘black’.

    I think the problem is that the DKiens think they are so fab, so equal and so future thinking that they don’t see they are racist mofos too, they are so up their own arses about their ‘land’ they don’t see there is room for improvement and their culture is so overbearing it kind of swamps and possible little seedlings of hope and change and I HATE them for that, they are all the same and I would not like it if a Dane moved into my parish. In fact, I would go so far as to say, unless a Dane proved to be very ‘unDannish’ I would not like my daughters to marry one, purely because then I would have to put up with a pedantic set of parents in law, endless gutteral danish in my delicate ears and way too much fuckwitteryboring conversation about frikkafuckingdella and Jantaloven.

    Because they are all the same, give or take a few of them, and I have to say here and now that some of my best friends are Danish and let’s face it, while they don’t all have excellent rythm or great teeth, they are very tall and are useful in reaching things on the top shelf.


  4. Gosh.So, you’re a heightistoothistt?. Only those who can reach the topshelf while brightly smiling help need apply?


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