Deportation of an 86 year old Pakistani woman

Along with the deportation of small children for being “unable to integrate”, Denmark also deports disabled dependents of Danish citizens without giving a reason.

Here is a very dignified interview about one such matter. I do not know how the son can stay so calm in the face of such inhumanity.

English transcript (not completely perfect, am open to corrections)

I’m called Imran Bashict(sp?) and I’m from Pakistan. I have lived here the last 30 years.

-30 years?

Yes. And, my mother, my wife and three children. We all live here together, we don’t have family members that live in Pakistan.

(speaking over each other, didn’t catch it all)

She lived in Denmark nearly 2 years ago and we tried to get a residency permit from the Danish embassy in Islamabad and they said we could only get a residency permit from inside Denmark, so the Danish embassy only gave us a three month VISA.
When we tried to get the VISA extended, we took a lawyer but it was refused.

-What were the grounds for refusal?

No reason.

-No reason! And your mother is 90 years old?

She is nearly 86.

-86? Lovely! And there’s no one who can go with her?

No, we’re 5 siblings and we all live in Jutland.

-And your mother can’t handle it herself?

She’s paralysed here on her left hand side and she can’t feed herself. She can’t wee by herself, she can’t go to the toilet by herself, she can’t walk as much as 2 metres. We always have to help her. How is she going to manage alone in Pakistan? It’s a problem.

-So you would like to get permission to have her here with you?

Yes, very much because she can’t manage alone. That’s the biggest problem we have. Because we all live in Jutland together.

-So, if you went with her to Pakistan, that would mean you would have to close your business.

Completely. My budget would be totally stopped. I’ve got three children and a wife, we have lots of expenses.

-And you have Danish citizenship?


-So, quite simply, someone needs to explain to me how something like this can happen in Denmark. There are definitely long paragraphs and rules that I can’t understand. I just don’t understand how we in Denmark can bring ourselves to put human beings in this position. We have a man who has lived in Denmark for 30 years and is a Danish citizen who can’t get permission for his mother to stay in Denmark. She is paralysed and she is old.
I would really like to start a debate about how we can live with this. I don’t understand it, in any case but if you see this and would like to react and explain what is happening here in Denmark right now and how we can bring ourselves to do this.

Thank you.

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  • Blame the DF for this (they’re not in power, numbnuts. Take some responsibility. How have their opinions got so powerful anyway? They’re a minority extreme right political party. Don’t just blame them, make them obsolete!)
  • Claim that although SHE does not represent a drain on the system, there are others like her who might, so the rule needs to be followed for fairness’ sake (“fairness” is not enforcing the same unfair rule uniformly, “fairness” is having fair rules to begin with. It’s not “fair” to deport elderly disabled dependents of Danish citizens to countries where they have no network even if there were straw-immigrants who will bleed Denmark dry given the chance.)
  • Suggest that the solution is for the whole family to move back to Pakistan (If he has Danish citizenship, then he IS Danish. His life is here. He lives here. He has done nothing wrong and does not deserve to be deported just because he has a disabled mother)
  • Claim it would be worse in Pakistan (Last time I checked, Pakistan doesn’t trade off of the image of being a model example of equality and human rights)
  • Claim other countries would have similar policies (Just because THEIR Mummy lets them do it, does not give Denmark the right. Evil is evil. This is evil.)

If you can manage to enter this debate without parroting ill-thought out “meninger”, I would like to hear how this can be allowed.

20 thoughts on “Deportation of an 86 year old Pakistani woman

  1. Put another way . . . Danish law DOES allow for this government to permit a dependent relative to stay under certain circumstances. But to give no reason for denying this here? THAT is not only irresponsible and poor communicating; it is a basis for complaining to the EU (I know, she’ll be dead before it gets heard . . . . but still – makes DK pay to defend itself so the economic argument is moot) that the actual PROCEDURE implemented by DK violates human rights in that here – they are given no reason and so no basis they can appeal!

    Yep – everyone on the planet is dying to move to Denmark.


    1. They do it because they will get away with it. Where is the outcry? Where are the media? The closest we got was with Gus and that was all “we don’t mean YOU”… sorry 86 year old woman and 8 year old girl, we do mean YOU.


  2. You shouldn’t be able to deport disabled dependents no matter what their age, where they are from, or how long they have been here. Hell, you shouldn’t deport any dependents of citizens or permanent residents, dependents mean they DEPEND on the citizen/p.r. God, can we just get this stupid system fixed already?!?


    1. Things will only change when the ordinary Danes do more than confess their “shame” at how this country is going, I think. There’s no political motivation to act with humanity, so it’s not happening.


  3. I’d vote for Dansplanation #2. Danes love their rules and they’ll look at you with concern look on their faces, as if expressing agreement with you that this is a F*d matter but then they’ll tell you that rules are there to be followed *ahem*

    For I have lived here in Denmark, Danes are expert in following rules, leaving no room for compassion, creativity and free-will thinking.


    1. Bingo!

      My husband will probably argue that it’s more complex than what we know. There are surely some other hidden reasons behind their wisdom. It’s not for me, dumbass, to actually question their actions, because as you know, Danes are very very well-meaning and compassionate, in addition to possessing the wisdom of Solomon.


  4. Generally Danes know nothing about things outside the plot that they live in, just cursory entrails of information, easily dismissed because it’s nothing to do with them, most of it picked up from EkstraBarf and the like. The ignorance and indifference they display amazes at times, so interest in this old lady would not be on their radar, all energy from their corner is used up discussing the recent bun fight down at the ‘forsamlingshus’ and cheap swill from big brother down south…I really want to smash them senseless rather often.


  5. I think your translation is quite accurate. But in the last bit she was rather angry and the English seems too wimpy.


  6. quite utterly speechless, this should be highlighted at the very highest level in the media. It should be rammed down every politicians throat. Outcry. So if f.eks. my Mum was sick and I brought her to DK to live out her last days, me being the only Son, she would be deported????WTF……..I am quite seriously missing something here…..please help me feel better


    1. My boss once said that he loathed all those “middle eastern people” who brought their family members to Denmark (grandmom, mom, uncle, dad, aunts) so that they could withdraw money from the kommune.

      Guess what, my boss is a very educated-well-travelled kinda guy who’s not afraid to try out exotic food, learn other people’s culture etc. My best bet is that almost all Danes are like him.


  7. Do you know, sometimes, when i am out in the wider world having a really bad day, or have met some total shithead, or some person who uses their position of power to abuse and discriminate, I like to look up the Danish news, and then I don’t feel so bad about anything much. In Denmark it is widespread. In some other parts of the world it is random, or rare, or just plain odd or even illegal when it happens. When what happens you might ask? When shit heads get their way, I answer. And shit heads rule in Denmark, and they are supported by the shit heads who vote them in and keep them in with their daily habits their attachment to ‘family. Danish Family.’ and do as they are told because actually deep down, unless we see some serious civil disobedience going down we can’t believe the lies that most danes don’t support their wanky system, because they all dance to the same tune even if some of them are playing on organic tomato tins with reinforced hemp batons and their kids go to wholewheat nurseries instead of the usual primary coloured state vuggebuggerstuens.


    And who is this system designed for? The Danes. And who are the Danes? People who support the way things are done in Denmark. This includes immigrants who tow the line. I could go on, but I won’t. Because a fox has eated two of my chickens and I needed them myself for THE EGGS and I am sad about that. (Last sentence not cryptic comment but actual real life event).

    Fuck it darlings, the place is BAD.



      (Disclaimer: with one or two personal exceptions, and by that I mean less than 1% of the population.)


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