Terrorism and the Mainstream

You know when idiots demand that “moderate” Muslims, condemn the beliefs of the murderous minority of people who say they share their religion? Of course, I think who they mean are all Muslims who do not commit or support mass murder: so a couple of billion people. The chances that all non-murderous people from one group that size can be described only as “moderate” in their religious beliefs is probably quite low. Anyway. You know when they say that? Even though a lot of Islamic organisations get up every atrocity and say something to that effect every time?

Now that a terrorist has claimed that Danish immigration policy is admirable and exemplary, it would be nice for mainstream moderate Danish politicians to get up and condemn him for his beliefs, wouldn’t it? Of course they have condemned his actions, that’s easy: he’s a terrorist. It is also easy to add “but” at the end of that condemnation.

I am not taking a cheap shot at any one politician or any one party or any one political side. Most of the Danish politicians have been forced rightwards and they share a lot of  their beliefs with an unhinged terrorist.

If Venstre or SF got up and just said “Multiculturalism is not a bad thing. There isn’t a war to be fought. There is no real interest in turning this country Sharia, for example, so we do not need to be on guard against that. There is no special problem with criminality or benefit fraud amongst the non-Danish background Danish people and foreigners. We are sorry for letting you believe that for cheap political points.”

Patriotism is probably okay (though I personally think it’s a bit stupid), but nationalism is very dangerous. Okay, usually all that happens is you get a pub-bore who goes on about  creeping Sharia or bangs on about burqa as if they really give a fuck. Nevertheless violence is a consequence associated with dehumanising groups in this way.

This guy was probably going to go off at any time. Blaming nationalist politics for his actions seems to make about as much sense as blaming World of Warcraft (or the Koran for his “Muslim” counterparts, for that matter), so that is why I am not blaming them and speed readers need to be clear on that.

But. It is simply not the case that what he did was evil and insane but what he believes was good and sensible. The beliefs about Muslims, non-westerners, immigrants and descendants of the mainstream Danish political establishment are crazed. They are literally the rantings of a madman.

If the reaction to Islamic terror is anti-radicalisation, such as preventing teens from going to summer camp to learn about the Koran in their parents’ country by confiscating their passports and banning certain public speakers with dangerous views; then there is certainly room for preventing young people from other backgrounds from accessing radical indoctrination from the extreme right.

That means the Danish mainstream needs to stop exposing Danish people to extreme-right indoctrination.

Denmark’s political parties need to have a meeting, brew some coffee and reach a new consensus which is not tainted by paranoia, dehumanisation and hatred. I believe there are maybe two or three parties where the meeting will be short (shall I name them? Ok: Conservatives, Red-green alliance and the Radicals), the rest of those reactionary, opportunist idiots might need to book a hotel.

Get it sorted, Denmark.

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Lazy idiots, don’t waste your time, I am well aware that other  countries are in a comparable state but terrorists have not been praising THEM, so I am talking about this country.

I also have a no-platform policy for the extreme right because I don’t want to find out about an terrorist atrocity committed by one of my commenters. I would rather have no link to you, if it is all the same. Save your rantings for your Knights Templar/Defence League circle jerk blogs, so those bloggers can feel a frisson when you kill someone.

2 thoughts on “Terrorism and the Mainstream

  1. Why are only Muslims asked to condemn terrorism?
    Bashy Quraishy
    Secretary General – EMISCO -European Muslim Initiative for Social Cohesion – Strasbourg/Copenhagen
    Chair-Advisory Council-ENAR – Brussels
    The horrible killing spree, first the brutal deaths of four soldiers, and then shooting of 3 children and a teacher by a young French national – Mohamed Merahs – is a crime against humanity and has been condemned by every one in the world, including French Imams, social workers, politicians and minority leaders. While in France no one asked Muslim communities to collectively react against this crime, in Denmark, there have been voices, which did ask the Muslims to condemn these killings, especially of three Jewish children and of a Rabbi.
    The unprovoked violence, killing of innocent persons and destruction of someone’s property is forbidden in all societies, cultures and religions. It is despicable, creates conflicts and can and should not be tolerated. At the same time, it is also important to emphasis that whenever an act of terrorism against an ethnic or religious minority takes place in a particular country, the police, authorities and the media has a responsibility to calm the situation and not create an atmosphere of fear, distrust and anger. The same is true for the leaders and representatives of the victim community. Muslims in general should not be asked to apologize, condemn or take a stand against violence committed by an individual, a group or even a country with Muslim background.
    There have been targeted killings of Muslims in many European countries, including France, Germany, Denmark and Sweden since 9/11. Recently, US Army Staff Sergeant Robert Gates massacred many innocent Afghan children and women.
    I do not recall, that anyone in Denmark or in the west asked all Christians to condemn these acts. Muslims did not ask the Danish Church or the whole Danish nation to be responsible for these crimes. So why should Muslims in Denmark or for that mater in other countries – Imams or ordinary people – be asked to condemn a terrible French incident. Such demand is unfair, discriminatory and prejudicial towards Muslims, no matter who is asking for it.

    No one can predict the future but we are fortunate that Denmark is mostly a peaceful country. In spite of some cases of hate crimes, religious minorities have lived side by side for many years and I am sure that it will continue. We should however always keep in mind the changing realities of the world and not let political conflicts in faraway lands affect our common future. Most Muslim communities in Denmark are peace loving and socially balanced; therefore a terrorist attack like France is not possible here. Besides, the Danish police are very efficient and have a good overview of the situation.

    Attacks on any religious and ethnic community are deplorable and call us to join hands and condemn these. What happened in Toulouse is an act of a mad individual. His religion has no bearing on it. Mohamed Merah was a petty criminal, a product of the society; he was born in, grew up and died in. Using labels like; Islamist, Salafist, Al-Qaddea member or a Muslim are useful expressions for those who usually look the other way, when discrimination, racism and anti-Islam rhetoric creates hatred in hearts of the young people. For those, who are trying to blame Islam for Merah’s actions, please remember that killing innocent persons is strictly forbidden. The Quran warns “whosoever killed a person… it shall be as if he had killed all mankind (5:33).
    Even French President Nicolas Sarkozy ( No friend of Islam or Muslims) about two hours after Mohamed Merah’s death, actually addressed the French nation and said; “ There is no evidence that there were accomplices in this crime”.


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