Crazy Kommune

My kommune, in common with probably all the kommunes in Denmark, is making major cutbacks to services. This is because the central government cowardly gave them no way of increasing revenue but all the responsibility for the cuts.

In response to “the crisis”, my kommune has cut services drastically, fired a lot of people, plan to fire a lot more, making massive changes to the school system, cut down on public transport (in both frequency and quality), added parking charges (and then removed them when they ordered the wrong machines by accident), shut down workplaces, are threatening to close more, refused to help those with disabled children unless they jump all the right hoops and other remarkably shitty things.

We are paying top dollar to live in F-town but because we have “the crisis”, we need to put up with massively degraded services.

The mayor has boasted about how they have made money out of the unemployed by giving them work placements (When I was a girl, if you got a job in a gym, you were no longer unemployed. You had a job in a gym. Here, the taxpayers of Denmark pay for you to work in a gym and the gym does not have to pay salaries to as many people. WIN WIN!) and from receiving people from other kommunes.

Apparently, if someone with problems moves kommune, the previous kommune sends the money to the new kommune to help them. With one of the few addiction units in Denmark, we get a LOT of new people. This is fine, if the treatment works, but if it doesn’t then all it does is increase the proportion of people with untreated addictions. There is a tipping point coming to this town, where there are too few well-functioning adults to balance out those who need more support. This might happen a lot faster, as people leave the area in search of jobs.

F-town is a really nice community. It has an interesting history, nice surroundings and quite a few things to do (though, the neighbouring cities of Vejle and Kolding are WAY better in those terms). It is being systematically destroyed by the kommune. A lot of shops are closed. Businesses are regularly broken into as there is no police overnight. Places like restaurants and bars are suffering because the kommune destroyed one of the largest workplaces for no good reason. There will soon be no state school in the town centre which will force families out into other areas/towns. The only businesses doing well are slot machine arcades (there are at least six within the centre, doing a roaring trade), bordellos and “massage parlours”.

You ever played Sim City? You know the first few goes where you don’t know what you are doing? It’s like that but in a bad way.

Possibly, they have no idea what they are doing. Judging from their responses to citizens about the problems in the town, they seem clueless rather than Machiavellian.

Anyway. The bastards just released the news that they have made a profit. A MOTHERFUCKING PROFIT. After making all these people unemployed. After reducing the quality of services until there is nothing left. After refusing to help those in need because someone else isn’t paying. After giving unemployed people unpaid work assignments that last several months and have no job at the end of it.

And they are not even circumspect about announcing the news. They haven’t even quietly earmarked the money for some needed project. They just announced it like they were some sort of small business trying to get investors interested.

“If we hadn’t slowed down, it would have looked a lot worst and that also means that we have every possible reason to stay alert,” said the mayor.

He praised the kommune for their efforts to implement cuts to services and the citizens for their understanding of the general difficult economic situation in the community.

Though the commenters on the website are NOT impressed. One asks “Are you sure you worked it out properly?” and another asks “What’s the point of a profit in a kommune? Why confiscate people’s money? Either drop tax or give us services for our money.”