Ytringsfrihed Competition

Hello Everyone!

It’s that time of year again when a new reader to the blog asks me,

“If you hate it so much, why don’t you LEAVE?”

This was in response to me translating the Danish news into English and then expressing worries about starting a family with my Danish boyfriend in the comments.

I just interviewed the boyfriend about why we don’t move to the UK and he says

Because I don’t wanna. I don’t wanna! Because we met here?… Maybe we WILL move one day. But not any time soon. Anyways, my line of work makes it really hard to … being in the military makes it really difficult to relocate to another country permanently. I suppose it’s not impossible to relocate but it’s fucking hard in this line of work.

There you are, questioning-readers. (I’m sorry he swore, I am shocked that he did. I have never heard a Dane swear before as it is destroys the hyggeligt tone and prevents proper dialogue. He must have learned the word from me. Sorry, again.)

I will continue to exercise my right to freedom of speech while I am here and you can ask me different questions in future. Maybe about the substance of what I have said? Just a suggestion.

Anyway. I have decided there will be only one “If you hate it so much…” comment on my blog per year. If more commenters decide to put that to me, I will edit them into different sentences. I will change them into more original thoughts. I will re-write them and I will laugh. I will laugh until I cry and the salt dries out of my body and I have to go eat some peanuts. That is what I will do. You want to try to deny me my right of freedom of expression by implying that only Danish-Danes are allowed to criticise Denmark? Fine. Your freedom of speech to express that thought has been rescinded forthwith. Because this is MY HOUSE and you are a GUEST here.

Without freedom of thought there can be no suc...
Ben Franklin, translated from the original Danish

I’m throwing this out to a competition. What should I write instead? What original thoughts can we put out into the universe to replace the mass produced silencer?

12 thoughts on “Ytringsfrihed Competition

      1. I just read her comment. God. Scary. This country is worse than North Korea in terms of brainwashing. There, I said it.


  1. Even Danishy Danes get told to leave if they don’t like it.

    This, I believe, explains the Vikings. One day, Gorm the Butt-ugly was drinking mead with his buddies down at the Ol’ Elm. “Gah, there’s no villages worth pillaging these days – it’s all pig farmers and tall leggy blond women! I’m bored!” Jens, a farmer with a tall leggy blond wife, replied “Well, if you don’t like it here, Gorm, you ugly pig-stealing, taker of other men’s wives, you can LEAVE!” Gorm threw down his horn-beaker. “Damn you, Jens, I don’t have to take this abuse from a land-lubber like you! I’m going to round up the boys and go reaving in England. And when they’ve paid me to go away, who will be laughing then, eh? EH?!”

    In the end, Jens and his ilk are still here in Denmark and all the Vikings ended up elsewhere and vanished from Denmark all together. We all gotta stop leaving just because we get told to by Jens.


  2. Ah – any suggestions welcome. Not sure I can come up with much though!
    I’m surprised, though, that you say that Danes don’t swear? Maybe I am in the wrong part of the country? I am shocked at people swearing in English here – even my 8 year old nephew who can barely speak English can swear in English…and no one corrects him. It seems that as long as it is in English it doesn’t matter. I’ve also been to a presentation by Redzepi from Noma in London where he said ‘shit’ in every other sentence! Not surprisingly that is what was reported in the news the next day.


    1. I just got told off in the comments for my language by a Dane (I used the word “bullshit”) as she thought I was destroying the constructive tone. I was as shocked as you that Danes apparently never swear, but apparently it’s true :P


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