I guess I should not be shocked that ignorant people are ignorant. Given the amount of distortion in the Danish press, I should not be surprised that Danes have a pretty fucked up idea of what happened in the Oliver kidnapping case . Given that, I have heard some straight up nonsense about the case that not even the newspapers have printed.

Here are some freelance distortions/lies I have heard about the kidnapping of Oliver:-

“His Dad was only picking him up from kindergarten!” – BEFORE kindergarten started in the morning, as his mother was dropping him off. And his mother had to be held back by a strange man for this “picking up” to happen. If you have to sugar coat what happened, you must agree that what happened was completely out of order. Otherwise, why wouldn’t one say “He had a friend hold the mother down while he took the child from the car before kindergarten started”? It is what happened without any verbal twisting, why does it need to be made more pretty if what he did was acceptable?

“His Mum abducted him from Denmark! His Mum broke the law!” – She had full custody of the boy when she left. The Danish state are very happy to issue international arrest warrants for parents who have taken their children out of Denmark unlawfully. The reason they did not in this case, is that she had not broken the law. That is NOT abduction. The father was free to visit his child and he did not for six months. He has always been free to move to Austria to be close to his child.

“The Danish state found in the father’s favour!” – True. Six months after the child had left Denmark. But the Austrian state found in the mother’s favour. Why is it only the Danish court that counts? The Danish court is being investigated by the EU and other courts of human rights for favouring Danes above ALL considerations. If you have a parent who sexually abuses their child and a parent who doesn’t; they pick whichever one is Danish. I would not trust those shits as far as I could throw them.

By taking the child by force, he showed how unfit he is to parent. Who does that to a child? The Danish state are colluding with this abuse by refusing to honour international arrest warrants. It reminds me of when a little girl refused to go home with her Dad because he was going to abuse her. He called the cops and they FORCED her to go home with him. The Danish media are colluding by publishing biased accounts.
Reading German language news is very revealing, the Danish media are giving quite a one-sided account. Denmark could give a fuck less about the needs of children. It is all about making sure the tribe is satisfied.

All he wants to do is control and punish his ex and all the people lining up behind him in support are helping him. Their support is why he knew he could do it and get away with it. They are all culpable, as much as that man who held the mother back while she screamed and screamed.

What will happen now is that the Danish state will claim that it’s not in the child’s interests to move “now” because it has “gone on too long”. Where the two years in Austria were not long enough, evidently, to settle down.  That the violence of his abduction isn’t “bad enough” to preclude him from having full custody. Because the child is “fine”.

  • Custody (
  • News Translation: I feared kidnapping (
  • Austrian News: Father will escape (“Mr Sørensen was there when the report that said his son would be traumatised by kidnapping was written. It’s black and white, whatever the Danish psychologists will end up saying.”)
  • Austrian News: It wasn’t a kidnapping (“she was screaming because she was surprised to see me”)
  • Austrian News: In Denmark, it’s all strange (“She had custody when she left in 2010.”)

12 thoughts on “Complicity

  1. i really don’t get it. Not ONE Danish media has integrity enough to call spade a spade. and report things without bias. This country is seriously fucked. and the people seriously brainwashed. It scares me.


    1. Totally. They are not trained to think critically so the news can say whatever and it will be believed. The father knows this and is using it to his advantage.
      Some custody cases are pretty murky and difficult to call but this one… this one is as black and white as they come. He deserves three years in jail and the child should be returned to Austria.


  2. The biggest risk to Denmark is this persistent adherence to a standard that is neither fair, nor international: what I refer to in jest as “Danish justice.” At some point, it will come home to nest. Denmark cannot stand on its own – it is and always will necessarily be dependent on other countries, and those other countries are controlled by humans. As long as Denmark persists in its inhumane treatment, it threatens it’s own longevity. Cuz people are not going to take this crap for long. Maybe this will be the straw that breaks the camels back.
    BTW – You may have missed the article that quoted the father as saying it was the Danish authorities’ fault that he had to kidnap his child. Or the one where famous Dansk Folkparty member Peter Skaarup lied to the media and said that the child was abducted from Denmark which, as you point out, he was not.


    1. I saw the “If the Danish authorities had only arrested her before I got full custody, none of this would have happened!”
      I didn’t see Skaarup lying his face off. Wow.


  3. The author of this blog “Complicity” maybe could explain how can be that a Danish car can cross all Germany with at least two men and a child onboard, when on one of the men has been issued an international arrest order by the Austrian internal security. The travel takes about 10 hours.

    Here in the rest of Europe we know the answer, but I would like to listen it from the Danish author of this blog.

    The point is that NOW, after so many cases of Europeans badly mishandled by the Danish civil authorities, here in Europe we know better how Denmark works today.


    1. Hey good point. I wonder why the German police didn’t stop him… Incompetence? A lack of timely information sharing?
      I think it was a hire car, so maybe if the car was in the accomplice’s name, it might have been difficult for the police to catch them?

      I’m not Danish, by the way.


  4. BYW – you refer correctly to complicity. I would go further and say the Danish government is in this case, as in another I know of, actively aiding and abetting the Danish national in committing a crime. In that respect, they should not be admonished, but punished.


    1. This kidnapper can not have crossed the whole Germany in car without being stopped by the police, with an international arrest order pending. It is obvious that he got a “substantial” help to realise his crime.


  5. I totally agree with you, that MOST Danes are somewhat brain washed. However, not this Dane. From day one of this case, I said to myself that the Danish press was covering this story in a very biased way.

    I think that one of the reasons that I usually see stories like this one, from a broader perpective, is that I do have British friends, both in London and at Gran Canaria, and so my uncle is originally from Tottenham. So I’m kind of used to read/see foreign news (primarily in English, but also in German), and hence I guess I do get a more balanced view of news.

    At last, but not least, Danes are not these ‘citizens of the world’, that we do like to pride us self of being. Well, I don’t have to look further than to my own sisters. They cannot see movie without subtitles or make a meaningful conversation in English.


  6. Denmark needs more open-minded people like Nils. Good for Denmark, not just internationals who have fallen victim to the country. I hope he is not alone in his wisdom.


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