News Translation: I feared kidnapping

This is translated from Politikens “Oliver’s Mum: I was afraid of kidnapping

Austrian Marion Weilharter, the mother of kidnapped Oliver, had long been frightened of what the father Thomas Sørensen could come up with in relation to their son.

It had been difficult to cooperate with him and trust him, she explained to Denmark Radio News.

“He had supervised visits partly because I was afraid of what Thomas could come up with. I was frightened that worst case scenario he would try to kidnap him,” explained Marion to DR News.

She moved to Austria with her son Oliver in July 2010, when her son was more than three years old.

He was not interested at all in the start

At that point, her son had exclusively lived with Marion. It was only then that the father wanted custody of their son, writes DR News.

“The first six months in Austria, Thomas was not even interested in contact with Oliver, despite the fact he had been told that he could approach the Austrian authorities to see him regularly,” explained Marion to DR News.

On the 22nd December 2010, the Danish authorities awarded custody of Oliver to Thomas. But the Austrian authorities did not recognise the Danish decision and allowed only limited contact under supervision.

Fifteen months later, Thomas Sørensen took his son to Denmark by force.

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  1. Most foreign women – who have children with Danish men here fear kidnapping. It doesn’t matter if their relationship is fine now. I have seen times where things got ugly.


    1. I haven’t even got kids and I’m nervous. Like, if there was a custody dispute, I would trust almost any other country to work out the details on their merits… Not here. I’ll lose just because I’m not Danish. That’s fucked up.


      1. Maybe you should leave Denmark, if you hate it so much. Actually Austria is much more seclusive and you will see that your rights doesn’t count at all if you are not native German speaking. Just like Oliver’s rights were ignored. He has a right to see his father more often than every 3rd week for 3 hours, and that being supervised and forced to take place in a language that is not even Oliver’s first language.


      2. If I left Denmark, who would hold you to account? This country would go much faster to hell without me.
        I’d just like to point out that all I was doing was TRANSLATING YOUR DANISH NEWS and you are interpreting that as “hating Denmark so much”.

        You make me laugh (and then sick and then laugh again)


  2. These comments are so unjust. my husband has children in Germany. He can’t get custody or access to his children in spite we have proven the mother hits them, abandon them etc. The Germanic countries will always take the mothers side – not the children’s.
    Denmark usually award custody to the mother no matter what. This mother was neglecting her child and above accounts are only her version.
    She kidnapped her child 18 months ago and the Austrian authorities did not care about court rulings and the boys wellbeing.
    I applaud this father for standing up for his child. He has the law and moral on his side.


    1. Your husband’s case sounds bad but has nothing at all to do with this one.

      Denmark does NOT usually award custody to the mother no matter what. That is absolute bullshit poppycock.

      She did not kidnap her child. She had full custody when she left. She had full custody for three years. He only tried to get custody when she was about to leave and the Danish court appear to have awarded it six months after she left to him because they were pissed very annoyed that she did not show up to defend her case.

      How on EARTH was she neglecting her child? He had visitation rights. On the day that he took the child by force, the Austrian courts ruled he could even have unsupervised contact.

      You are blinding yourself to the facts of this case because he is one of your tribe.

      Edited for a Danish reader’s sensitive little eyes


      1. Dear etellerandet,

        Maybe you should mind your language. It is offensive and not fruitful for a constructive discussion. Hé is not one of my tribe, and obviously you do not know much about Danish court rulings. The courts do award shared custody whenever possible. When a amicable resolution is not possible in most cases it goes to the mother, unless abuse, neglect or other harmful conduct on the mothers side can be proven. However, if the mother threatens to take (abduct) the child out of the country the courts do rule in favor of the dad, as would any other european court do, as this is not in the best interest of the child.
        A divorced parent would need consent of the other parent to move a child across borders, or if not possible first address it with the courts. This is in order to protect children from like Oliver being abducted to another country than where he was born and raised, being forced to speak a different language than his first language etc etc The mothers actions are not only in violation with the Danish court rulings but also UN children’s rights.
        In the name of chidlren’s rights I do not understand how you can support this selfish mothers actions.


      2. I take your point and I have edited my original comment accordingly.

        If she had been divorced, your point would maybe make sense. She wasn’t. She had full custody and had done so since the boy was an infant. She was a single unmarried mum.

        Taking a child that you have full custody of is not synonymous with abduction.

        Your justification of why a Danish court would prevent a child moving country with its full time care giver is a little hollow, considering the cases I have heard about children being invited to spend a holiday with Danish-Dad in Denmark only to not be allowed to return to their mother who had full custody in her country.

        The word “forced” is massively emotive and you should take your own advice about minding your language? He is a bilingual child. He has two first languages. If a child was adopted from another country into Denmark we wouldn’t say he was “forced” to speak Danish, would we? We would say his loving generous Danish family taught him Danish and sent him to speech therapy so that he could contribute to the samfund. Wouldn’t we?

        If you would like to have a competition about who knows more about the UN Rights of the Child, bring it.

        The father’s actions are not only in violation with the Austrian court rulings but also UN children’s rights. In the name of children’s rights, I do not understand how you can support this selfish father’s actions.


  3. DanishMom, your courts do not award shared custody automatically when it’s a dane-foreigner relationship. Even when the dane is proven beyond a reasonable doubt to be an abuser (police reports, hospital reports), he is given sole custody based on the fact that the mother is foreign (and yes, that is actually happening right now in your ‘lovely’ country in quite a few cases). This is why your legal system is being investigated by the UN and EU Court of Human Rights, it consistently violates families’ rights when it comes to fair solutions when there are foreigners involved.

    I know it’s like trying to argue with a brick wall, but let me keep it simple: 1. He never had custody or cared about his son. 2. They were never married, therefore never divorced. 3. She had permission from him and the danish authorities to move back home to Austria, so she did. 4. It was months afterwards that the dane decided to go through this farce of a fair trial as a means of control against his ex. . 5. Mind her language? Where on earth did she use foul language? Or is it because she’s using the truth and it goes against the hive mind?


  4. Again Danishmom proves how brainwashed most Danes are.

    When a couple never gets married, it’s the mother who gets the custody. Get your facts straight before berating others that they don’t get theirs. It’s not KIDNAPPING when you have full custody of your child.

    I have foreign (female) friends whose children were abducted by their Danish fathers although they had custody. Danish courts did not do anything. Danish police did not do anything. How’s that. Read that article I wrote above in the reply comment. I figure since you’re Danish you can read Danish, right?


  5. No government and no man, no justice has the right to take a child away from its beloved mother. Oliver saw what the men did with his mother when they kidnapped him. Maybe not now, but someday Oliver will hate his father for those he did. Thomas S. is just a man who wants to “own” his son, and that’s no love. Because if he would really loves Oliver he wouldn’t “steale” his mother. By the way Danish government (when you followed their sayings) and also Danish justice allow all Danish men to go through Europe and to kidnap all kids away from their moms like Berserkers….. Shame on Denmark!


  6. to Danish mom, you don’t know nothing about Marion and Oliver, only what you got from the media – and that is so one sided it makes me want to puke all over the Danish media and court system !!! I know Marion personally, and my girlfriend is also going through the same thing – she is just staying in Denmark trying to fight the system – but with absolutely no luck ! Her husband has been very abusive to her and their kids – we have several reports from the police and hospital – despite this they awarded the DANISH dad sole custody – so take you one sided information and put it a place where the sun never shines – YOU DON`T KNOW what is going on in your own country…. I am so ashamed to be a dane with what is going on. …..


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