Distressing stories about the Danish state preferring Danish parents over foreign parents in custody disputes are nothing new. Even if the Danish parent is abusive, a deadbeat or kidnapped the child. The Danish state will award him full custody and ignore the doctor’s reports about sexual bruising on the child. They will award him full custody and laugh.

In some cases, children will be abducted by a Danish parent and then the foreign parent will be deported. In some cases, the parents will have joint custody but the Danish parent can have the other parent deported if they claim that they are deadbeat or uninvolved with their children.

The EU and other international courts have been informed but justice is slow.

There is a new heartbreaking case. According to Ekstra Bladet, a Danish man came to Austria and abducted his son. He had never been married to the mother, she had full custody and he had not been interested in his son until the Austrian state asked him to contribute financially.

This is as clear cut as they come, the Danish police should respect the international arrest warrant and return the boy. The mother, however, has been informed that the Danish state would prefer that her son be placed in a children’s home than returned to a foreign parent.

As much as earnest Danish people like to insist that only “non-western” foreigners are affected by their policies (as if that makes it better!), this is happening to an Austrian woman. If I had to list the ways that Danish people and Austrian people were different, I think I would get as far as language and national dish; and have to draw a blank. Her background is probably why this story has made the papers and other similar stories have not.

This also makes me feel very uneasy about starting a family with any Danish man. She is not married to the man, she has total full custody, it could mean he is not on the birth certificate (though I am not sure if that is the case), and yet the Danish state will support him even if there is an international arrest warrant out on him. They would rather support a man who would abduct his son from his mother in a planned attack than the Austrian state.

This is a failure of natural justice, of all human rights legislation and of the Danish legal system. This, and other cases like it, need to be resolved by the international courts. Denmark needs to be told by the other countries that its behaviour is totally unacceptable.

I know there will be people reading this who cannot believe it. They have an idea of what Denmark is and this does not fit at all with their worldview. You might want to dismiss these as exceptions, you might want to recall that other countries have similar problems, you might want to console yourself with the idea that other countries are worse. But you need to take a deep breath and think again.

Denmark is supposed to be better, is supposed to be an exemplary society, is supposed to be something special. At the very least, it ought to obey the international laws it has signed up to. It is flouting these laws (in part), because it knows that you will perform the mental tricks necessary to keep Denmark pure in your mind.

If the international community wakes up to the fact that Denmark is in many ways similar to countries we look down on for being shitholes; maybe that will be the shame needed to propel Denmark into acting the way the hype claims it does.

It WOULD be worse in North Korea, Iran and Afghanistan. It MIGHT be similar in the US. It COULD be comparable to the recent treatment of all fathers in custody battles. But that does not excuse it and it certainly does not justify any inertia about improving.


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  1. Wrote similar thing in my blog. Shocking. Or probably not. It’s just amazing how here people always take the side of the Danish citizens, no matter how wrong he is. People go so far as blaming the Austrian people for not having equality that there the mothers get automatic custody when they’re not married. Hell yeah, who do you think that was pregnant for 9 months??


  2. Im sad to say that your writings here are a blatant lie. Lets get the facts straight here:

    1) Danish man and Austrian woman live in Denmark and she gets pregnant.
    2) she gives birth to the child but they split apart.
    3) both man and woman lives in Denmark. the kid lives with the mother and the father gets to meet the kid.
    4) Danish man wants to be the main parent and want the kid to live with him.
    5)Danish man take the issue to the court and they decide in favor of him.
    6) Austrian woman moves to Austria and take the kid with her while the case i still in court.
    7) Austrian woman refuse to deliver over kid to father even though the rulings of the law says she have to.
    8) Woman gets the Austrian goverment to rule that she is the main parent of the kid and then refuse to deliver the kid over to the father as requested by the danish state.
    9) Danish man travels to Austria and takes the boy as the mother is picking him up from the kindergarten. and No matter how you twist and turn the simple facts.

    What we then stands with is a case where neither the Danish man, the Austrian woman, the Austrian state or the Danish state look very good. As you always do you choose to then twist the fact and blame Denmark and the Danish man… Besides me and the danish legal system.. International law are also agreeing with the fact that the Austrian goverment should have delivered over the kid as requested by the Danish state.. If they had done that non of what came after would have happend.

    This country is not in away way or form perfect.. Neither are its citizen… But in this case(and in many before this) you are indeed very far from the truth.


    1. Everyone needs to read this comment VERY carefully. This is about as clear cut a case as any I have ever seen and yet I am being accused of lying and distortion. Wow.


    2. Danni, you’re the one with the wrong facts. This is about a control freak who is using the system to continue abusing his ex and son. And there is NO SITUATION IN THE WORLD in which forcibly ripping the kid from his mother and subjecting him to the terror of said situation and what followed, is ever ok.


    3. You got the timeline wrong, here. 6) and 5) are flipped. She did not kidnap the child, the Danish court awarded the father custody after she had moved.

      The Danish family courts are notorious for preferring the Dane no matter what.
      This makes me very very worried about starting a family with a Dane in case they try to punish me with their legal system.


  3. You can twist it and turn it around as much as you like.. The simple fact is that the father have a legal claim on the child.. 2 legal instances in Denmark decided that and the mother along with the Austrian government then decided not to go by the Haag convention even after the mother kidnapped the son to Austria.
    It is indeed clear cut.. 2 judges gave custody to the Father.. The mother then broke the law and took the kid anyway.. and then the Austrian government ignored the Haag convention…. and you are saying the father is the one at fault hmmmm


    1. I think you are letting your feelings cloud your judgement. She cannot have “broken the law and taken the kid anyway” if the judgement came after she had moved to Austria.


      1. She did break the law. According to Danish law you can not bring the child out of the country while a custody case is going on. That would be abduction.

        That said I would never defend the father’s actions.


      2. I just asked someone who knows, and apparently you are right, it was technically abduction but in this case she had the legal right to leave the country when she did.

        However, looking at the Hague Convention, I’m not sure how any court applying it would award full custody to the father.

        She came back in September 2010 (I think he got Danish custody in December 2010?), to sell her house. She was arrested but had to be released after a night because the case was pending, so I’m not sure that even the police believed it was abduction… Surely, the Danish police would have held her for much longer time if she was in violation of the Hague Convention?

        Apparently, that was why she couldn’t come back for the Danish case in December: because she was told she would be arrested again.


    2. I have raised few years ago a Hague case against Denmark, to get the repatriation of my daugthers. ALL the Danish Justice Courts emitted verdicts of repatriation. But the Danish civil authorities never applied correctly that part of the Hague convention regarding repatriation, and my daughters since five years live in Denmark with my ex-wife. I have also joint custody with that woman, granted again by Danish and Italian Courts, but again the Danish civil authorities laugh openly when I ask to see my visitation rights respected.
      I am sorry for you, Petraeus, but Denmark IS NOT a democratic country. Or better: it is a country where “Law is applied to foreigners, and interpreted when it comes our citizens”.
      When you talk with German jurists about Denmark they smile and remind that Denmark lies north of Teutoburg Forrest: the Roman Law has not entered into the Danes’ sensibility.


    3. Thus, in future any Danish will be encouraged to go and kidnap his own children.
      You know Petraeus? My Danish ex-wife illegally abducted our daughters to Denmark, and I went (successfully) through a Hague case. But I NEVER thought of going to Denmark and kidnap my daughters, as mr. Sørensen did, although the Danish civil authorities did not repatriate my daughters, in open despise of the verdicts of their own Justice Courts.
      But it seems that you and many many other Danes are applauding to the illegal way of solving family controversies….


  4. There is an Italian citizen who tries desperately SINCE 9 YEARS simply to have contact with his daughter. His story is similar to mine: a child illegally abducted to Denmark by the mother, and the civil Danish authorities letting the situation crystallize. NINE YEARS.

    All the Danes who in the blogs applaude at what mr. Thomas Sørensen do not understand wjhat will be the “lesson” for the little Oliver when he will be sufficiently mature to reflect. The lesson is this: a Dane can do an illegal act if it is done against a “foreigner”. Mr. Sørensen continue to insist that he had a favourable verdict from a Danish Court: but he and the Danish national authorities deliberately ignore the fact that there was an opposite verdict from an Austrian Justice Court. Why the Danish Court “must” be right and the Austrian wrong?

    One day mr. Sørensen’s son could feel authorized to use against his own father the same violence which the latter used against his mother. This is maybe the most horrible consequence of this act: the highly educationally harmful effect it has on the next generations. The do-it-yourself justice…congratulations: this is really a way of solving family controversies up to a “democratic” country.


  5. The facts of the case are that the danish father only became interested in the child after he received notification from the Austrian government that he was liable for child support.


    1. That’s what I heard. And the Danish people are lining up behind him to help him punish his ex for it. “She ABDUCTED the child she had sole full custody of!!!” they snarl.


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