Amy Rebecca Steen

The best thing for the authorities in Denmark is that only 5.5 million people speak Danish.

The second best thing is that only a tiny minority of the people of Denmark are politically minded which translates to only a few thousand people giving an actual shit at any one time.

Næstved is a small town just outside Copenhagen. In common with all the towns in Denmark, it has financial worries. The global financial crisis has hit Denmark hard and the central government has passed the buck to the individual “kommunes”, who have to find the savings or suffer the consequences.

As you might imagine, from experience with your own country, the kommunes make the savings from the weak. They close schools with high proportions of socially disadvantaged students, they cut back on support for disabled people and as seen in this case, they make savings on vulnerable children in the state’s care.

Eleven year old Amy Rebecca Steen was placed in foster care, in which she was thriving. The council needed to save money, so they placed her in a half-way home for alcoholics. When the council came to remove her, they brought the police. When she resisted, social services and the police violently assaulted her to get her into the car. The police have been informed. Excuse me if I do not hold my breath for justice to be done here.

The mayor was shown footage of her assault. Halfway through he actually looks like he might cry. The journalist says “So, Mr Mayor, what do you think about that?” and his response is the following:-

“That’s what happens if you try to solve situations with force. Of course, honestly, the family… I mean, the foster family did not contribute more positively to the removal of Amy.”

I cannot translate the rest of what that moral coward Carsten Ramussen has to say because he makes me sick. He says some stuff about the foster family having to contribute more positively because the kommune has the right to remove the girl. Etc etc blah blah blah.

If he were still a full human being and not a shell, he would have said “this is a police matter, the amount of force used is unacceptable, she is only eleven for God’s sake”. Here, the politicians are inured to violence being used on the weak to make savings in the budget. Better to criticise people standing up for what is right, than to look at what is wrong.

The Danish national press has not picked up the story. It is only being reported  locally in newspapers (and god bless them). It did make the national tv news but only briefly. The story is over, as far as they are concerned.

This is how unremarkable something like this is, in Denmark. This is how it keeps out of the international press.  This is how the hype that Denmark is a socialist paradise is continued. It is NOT like “anywhere else”. It is awful here. You just do not hear about it unless you can speak Danish, unless you read other local newspapers, unless you turn on the tv on the right day at the right time.

Go back to your bubbles, people, nothing to see.


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