One from the vaults: Anatolian Plateau

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Translated from Berlinske

Former Minister of Integration Søren Pind (Venstre) has no doubt of the consequences:

“This is open borders and an open till. We will see an increase in people on public assistance who do not come from Denmark. And abolishing the point system will just bring the Anatolian Plateau that much closer. This is certainly not what they promised during the election,” he says.

Yeah yeah, whatever. People are queued up around the block to get in, Søren. Hey, what do you mean by Anatolian Plateau? Is that some sort of neat geography term for when you have more immigrants and so the contracting effects of a ageing population are counteracted?

Oh. It’s an actual place in Turkey.

Abolishing the point system will bring a place in Turkey closer. Well, if we all remember (and I do), that Turks were not subject to the point system because they are considered EU for the purposes of immigration, then that is an outrageous statement.

Firstly, Søren seems to be implying that the whole reason his party instigated the point system was because he wanted to keep, specifically, Turks out.

Secondly, Søren seems to forget that because of guest-worker rules from the 1960s the point system was NEVER going to keep Turks out.

Thirdly, Søren is proving beyond reasonable doubt that he has a problem with Turks but simultaneously does not know how to tighten immigration rules to keep Turks out.

Everyone who said “I support the point system because it will reward me for things I am already doing!” can you now see why people thought you were a racist? (Because the system was dreamt up by racists, to do institutionalised racism and so only racists could possibly support it.)

Yeah, Søren! Let’s keep Turks out! Coming here, working hard in school, owning businesses, contributing to the community! I can see why you would definitely want to keep them out.

What a mo-fo-ing COWARD though that he phrased it like that. “Anatolske højslette” will slip right under the English speaking radar. If he had only said “With the loss of the point system, Denmark will have loads more dark skinned people (this is bad)” then we would have a chance of a “The centre-right in Denmark are really racist!” international incident.
So, he gets to do some highly offensive racism and it stays in Denmark.

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  1. What an asshole! I know a highly educated Turkish girl who moved here for a job 2 months ago. She’s already had enough of this place and is now waiting on her US visa (same job, transferring to a US contract). She was definitely seconds away from going on the dole, so it’s a very good thing for Denmark that she’s leaving ;-)

    I’ll miss her, but I’m happy she’s getting the hell out of here and taking her highly taxed salary with her.


    1. All the Turks I have known in Denmark have been net contributors or working very hard on their education. It just doesn’t seem fair that Søren thinks they should not be here.


  2. Proper dickhead indeed, Danes are very insecure when it comes to “Borders”. I personally had the 6 months unemployment noose hanging round my neck, I wouldn’t have been hung but basically just ignored (no welfare benefit etc.) I had every intention of staying in DK and proving that having to “leech” off the state to get to a higher ground to stay with my beloved in DK was top priority. Did I think of getting married (Scottish Quickie) to stay, yes I did (Love is strong) but decided against it. The other option was that my girlfriend followed me to a more welcoming country for both of us, hence another home grown Master degree goes toddling off in the world searching for happiness. The Blue block bit the dust and horror horror the red block have opened the floodgates…………oops no flood because there is no work at the moment, when there was work, I for one came to DK to help out with the shortage of manpower.
    Twas funny though drinking in the Bodegas of Fredericia due to the billig øl and meeting loads of Danes who were “leeching” the state and were actually educated in the same profession has me, complaining of the amount of Polakkers in DK stealing our trailers etc. oh and jobs of course………tut tut Denmark 2 hearts are better than one but 2 faces not.


    1. Maybe his racism is about leeching off the state… (but yeah, plenty of white Danes do more than their fair share of leeching.) I suspect it is about “oh no! they are dark skinned and have ways different to our own!”. HORROR HORROR.


  3. “So, he gets to do some highly offensive racism and it stays in Denmark. ”

    That’s our specialty! Dogwhistle racism. “Det er ikke racisme, det handler om deres
    *kultur* …”; “Det er ikke racisme, det handler ikke om deres hudfarve …”; “Det har ikke noget med race at gøre, det er bare det at den religion får folk til at …”

    And, as former and disgraced professor of psychology (retired but not allowed to call himself emeritus) Helmut Nyborg said recently, it’s not about race but because there’s more Darwinian selection for intelligence in cold, northern countries than in the warm Middle East – which is why civilization originated here and not in Egypt and Iraq – err… and I’m sure he has some “explanation” for Eskimos … but a lot of readers of “Jyllands-Posten” will drink their morning coffee and read his pieces and say “Ja, professor Nyborg har ret…” and they’ll all know exactly why it isn’t racism.


    1. That guy is off the chart. I can only think that there are a lot of quite-to-reasonably racist people in the Danish media. Otherwise, why do these stories go unchallenged?


      1. In a way they don’t go unchallenged, like I said, ex-professor Nyborg is disgraced, at least in his own academic circles. And in Politiken, these ideas are challenged heavily. A problem here is that Jyllands-Posten itself is tainted. From a journalistic perspective, it used to be the best newspaper in DK (probably still is, but I don’t really have time to read newspapers so I don’t know), but it has fascists for editors. Like the cartoon crisis, proudly brought to you by …


      2. But the way he would be challenged is a lack of a platform. If he managed to make waves, he could expect extreme ridicule. The UK press are MUCH more sneaky about racism and have to work much harder to get away with it.


  4. Crap like that says much more about the person who said it, than those he is referring to. He’s an inept racist, p.e.r.i.o.d.


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