One from the vaults. Scandlines: A bunch of racists

Previous video since taken down “for some reason”

Trigger warning: Danish racism in advert form. If you do choose to watch it, please report it for being racist while you are there.

is a copy of another one so you can see the “form”.

Transcript of taken-down video for the non-Danish speakers and those who do not want to watch utter filth:-

Black faced seagull with “comedy” teeth:

Rød grød med fløde. (A tongue twister Danes think is comedy bronze, silver and gold to make foreigners say … only because they get it wrong)

White faced seagull with no teeth:

Nej, rød. (No, red)

Black seagull:

Rød? Rub? (Not pronouncing “red” very well but trying really hard)

White seagull:

Nej, ved du hvad hvis du ikke kan lære sproget så må du flyve hjem igen.
(You know what, if you can’t learn the language you should fly home again.)
Prøve at sige “Rødby-Puttgarden”
(Try to say “An Obscure Placename of which no one outside of Denmark gives a shit because it is basically a hole in the ground from which you can get a boat to Germany – Puttgarden”)

Then there are some seconds of “HILARIOUS” footage of the black seagull trying to say Rødby Puttgarden and not doing such a shabby job for a first try, actually.

Then we find out it is “Scandlines“, a Danish ferry company who approved this message of hate to be broadcast into your living room. “It couldn’t be easier!”

First up. The black seagull is trying. He is not coming here taking our jobs, marrying our wives, axeing our cartoonists or whatever Danes are afraid of this week. He is taking a stab at learning a language that frankly only a few people speak. Do you see the white seagull trying to learn HIS language or even a compromise by speaking another world language to him? The black one first misunderstands what the white one wants him to say and then he just simply finds it hard to say it.

And in return for finding it hard to pronounce the first few times he tries, he is told “If you cannot learn the language, you should GO HOME.”

This message is being beamed into Danish living rooms. If foreigners find Danish hard, they should GO HOME. If foreigners have any sort of accent the first time they ever try to speak Danish, they should GO HOME. Even if foreigners are giving it a shot, gamely and humbly, if they make mistakes they should GO HOME.

Scandlines are a bunch of cowardly racists and here is why. This advert is not on their normal advert youtube channel. They have only put it on the tv in Denmark where the only people who will understand it are Danes (who they mistakenly think will all be allies and uniformly amused by this) and Danish speaking foreigners (who will be shamed by not sounding native, once again). They know that if people abroad saw this and understood it, they would be pissed off.

The seagull is not a “normal” seagull. He has *teeth* for fuck’s sake. They have caricatured some sort of immigrant-man and mocked him for not sounding like he has always lived in Denmark. When this seagull has surely lived in Germany for a long time and is probably fluent in both his home language and German. I would not be surprised if he speaks English as well.

Now what we can expect is an upsurge in Danes telling all us dirty foreigners (especially black ones with a mouth full of immigrant teeth), that if we cannot speak the language, we should GO HOME because that is what the telly box has told them is acceptable. I mean, I still get told to SNAK DANSK or shamed for not being fluent every now and then. When I was a complete beginner it was every month or so.

Now, I know what those racists at Scandlines might try to say. I know because I have heard it a hundred times before.

“It is just a joke. It is just for fun. It is “Danish humour””

Wrong on all three counts, Scandlines.
It is not “just” a joke, because it victimises and bullies a group of people who are already on the receiving end of a phenomenal amount of racist bullshit.
It is not just for “fun” because there is nothing fun about being reduced to tears by bullies for TRYING to speak a new language.
It is not “Danish humour” because the majority of Danes are kind and friendly and gentle, this advert is cruel and rude and hostile.

This is EXACTLY the same sort of shit I was talking about in my last post. Danes have learned NOTHING about how racism starts from the Second World War. They go around truly believing that there is no harm in telling people that if they have trouble pronouncing things then they are not welcome. That this can, in a certain light, be amusing.

What is the next step, Scandlines? If that comedy black gull could not learn how to say Rødby or Puttgarden? Should the white one enforce the “go home” edict somehow? What are we suggesting? How would the sequel play out?

The Danish word for bullying is “mobning” which is close to the English word “mobbing”… which is what birds do to attack outsiders. If a flock of birds see a weaker or different bird that is not welcome, they fly at them with extreme prejudice beaks snapping.
This advert could not be a more perfect illustration of how “Danish humour” is often just a cover for bullying. Bullying never just stops with a “joke”. It continues with “suggestions” to leave the country, the next stage is threats, then violence.

This advert shows how much Scandlines (and the people they are trying to appeal to), fear us. We come here and we have another worldview, we are often well travelled, cultured, well educated, have a great work ethic and are polite. We try to learn the language to fit in and we work hard on integration when we get nothing back in return from Danish society.

And all they have on us is that we find sounds not found in our languages hard to pronounce at first.

That is ALL they have. We find it hard to pronounce certain words. And so they exploit this seam of comedy for all it is worth… Because it is ALL they have. They feel threatened and intimidated by us. By our cultures and our values and our educations and our work ethic. And all they can do is mock our accents as we earnestly try to learn their obscure minority language. Because there is nothing else they CAN mock.

I am so much looking forward to the bridge to Germany being built and that bunch of racist jerks going out of business.

59 thoughts on “One from the vaults. Scandlines: A bunch of racists

  1. I passed a man with a stark disability on a busy street the other day and he was having some trouble with orientation. A Danish guy saw me pausing to think about whether I should go help him, and made a joke about “the disabled guy”. I didn’t get it and replied in English: “I’m sorry, I don’t understand what you are trying to say.” with a straight face. The Danish guy then went onto say (in Danish) “Oh, you don’t speak Danish!” and then went onto say the joke about the person with a disability who was struggling in the street to me again, but this time very slowly and loudly in Danish so the person with the disability could hear.

    My facial expression remained the same and I said to him in Danish: “I heard you the first time, I still don’t get it.” The Danish guy then shrugged a little grumpily and began to stroll on saying “It’s Danish humor!” in a faintly remonstrating way, I then called over to him: “But it’s not fucking funny.” He then got really aggressive and yelled “YOU HAVE TO LOOK AT IT WITH A SENSE OF HUMOR!” at which point I yelled back “YOU ARE NOT ALLOWED TO BE ‘SUR’ AT ME!!” At which point he started yelling something muffled about how I should fuck off if I didn’t like it and that this is Denmark and we may make jokes about people with disabilities.

    I know that as the writer of Babs I have often written in character. But the above is exactly what happened with no artistic embellishments.

    It was really funny to read your post about the Danish sense of Humor, because it reminding me of this event.

    Ho Ho. I suggest, although it’s not politically correct, I suggest that any one with any sense should leave here. This is what I am telling people to do. Leave Denmark, I love you,please leave xxxxx


      1. I get that reaction from Danes all the time when I stand up to them. That’s the sad thing, this guy and the viewers of the Scandlines actually DON’T get it. There is no class in behaving like that people, and no, it’s not funny. It’s offensive.

        There is an excellent series of sketches on YouTube called “Racism in America.” I does portray racist humor/comments, but also how to respond to it.


      2. He was dead from the neck up anyway. You can’t kill something twice. Allegedly. OOer mind strain…can zombies be killed? I need to consult a science fiction expert. I am pretty sure zombies aren’t technically alive. How else would you account for that ‘smacked bottom’ blank facial mouth open expression?



    oh sorry, i forgot i was logged on. got a bit carried away.

    just letting off a bit of steam.

    jeeeeeeeze this place. Fuck this shit, I say, Fuck it.



      1. I know. Some people might realize they have said something wrong when it’s pointed out to them, but this guy sounds like a lost cause. He has made a fool of himself, and he doesn’t even realize it!!!


  3. I had the same feeling when I saw this. Sad.

    Babs: Not. Danish. Humour. Just idiots. They are everywhere.


      1. …and they would claim Danish people would make fun of everything. So SLAP NU AF, right?


      2. But then I think of Danish people who have been sooo kind about my Danish and have not even as much as brought up Julekalender after speaking to me and it makes me so fucking angry that those bastards at Scandlines can make all the bad-danes think THEY are the majority and THEY are normality and THEY are the most-Danish-at-being-Danish when I really really want the Danes at my bakery, in my driving school, at volunteering, at work and so on to embody “Danish humour”.


    1. *picks up a table tackie’s just thrown over and hurls it at beveled mirror behind bar sending shards of glass raining down on the zombies hunched over barstools giving superficial wounds to more than one*

      *swivels round on axis of one stiletto heel and slaps a danzombie hard across the (slack jawed) face with back of hand*

      In real life, zombies are not worth breaking a nail over. But just in case, I always keep my rings on. x


  4. Daneshit humour is a euphemism for bullying and sarcasm, believe me, I know, I was a target of it, for years.and.years. It is a long story…


  5. First of all a bunch of disclaimers: I am a Danish Dane from Denmark. I do not want all foreigners to understand or like Danish humour. I don’t think you could justify any harsh statement simply by referring to it as being Danish humour. And I don’t have any affiliation with Scandlines.

    Now to my comments:

    1. The commercial is a follow up on some commercials published years ago with two Danish sea gulls (Kaj and Bøje, both of which have teeth and speak Danish dialect). So the setup is known for most Danes (and, of course, foreigners living here and watching Danish TV). There’s also been a commercial involving a German fitness instructor sea gull, Helmut, with military general stars on the shoulders (do sea gulls have shoulders?). So this is just the latest in a series.

    2. The message that you should go home if you do not know our language is not invented by Scandlines. It has also been brought forward by Danish right wing politicians.

    3. If you are a coward and don’t want your commercial to be seen outside Danish borders, Facebook and YouTube is not the way to go.

    4. I know quite a lot of people who, even though they are kind and friendly and gentle (thank you, by the way, for the nice words :-)) would find this commercial funny – without that meaning that they are hateful racists.

    5. The Polish sea gull, Piotr, does not seem to feel victimized. As I see it, he keeps his beak up; he possesses a certain drive and unwillingness to let some silly Danish sea gull stop him.

    6. The paragraph mentioning the upsurge in Danes telling foreigners something they’ve heard in a ferry commercial is to me a tremendous overinterpretation of the situation and an expression of a rather unpleasant view on Danes and their national character.

    6. I am sorry, but I think you are taking this way too seriously – it is a ferry commercial, after all. Piotr ends with saying that Danish is not a language, it is a throat disease. So Scandlines insulted our language, a corner stone in our culture. Should we go berserk? No, I suggest we just take the ferry to Puttgarden to buy cheap beer and candy.

    7. In another commercial with Piotr, a voiceover at the end states: Der skal være plads til os alle (There must be room for all of us). That does not sound very racist to me.

    I couldn’t agree more with the last statement: there must be room for all of us.


    1. 1. It doesn’t matter what the context is. I know what the context is.
      2. It doesn’t matter who “invented” what is said to me EVERY TIME a Dane has a problem with something I have said.
      3. Yes, it is cowardly the way they have done it. Unless you can find the same advert where they have given the birds foreign subtitles so we can all get the joke.
      4. No, you are wrong. If they find it funny, they ARE racists. That’s what that means.
      5. You do not see him at home, surrounded by his Danish books, trying to do his grammar exercises through choked back tears. You do not see him literally freezing in a shop in case it happens again.
      6. I really do not think you are in a position to tell me what Danish people say and do to foreigners. A woman shouted “ER DU NEGER?” once at a bar after I told her friend it was okay that her fairy wings were bumping me. My boyfriend told me I wasn’t “allowed” to get upset because it was a “reference” to an advert/sketch where someone asks “ER DU LÆGE?” You might conduct yourself with honour and dignity at all times but there is a sizeable group of Danes who will store this commercial’s message for later. Why, they have probably already TOLD someone to go home for something else, now they can do it for pronunciation.
      6b. I KNEW someone would say “you are taking this too seriously”. I bloody knew it. I tell you, YOU are not taking it seriously enough. So what if the black bird says that Danish is a throat disease at the end? Do you honestly think that if someone tells me to GO HOME after I have mispronounced something I will get away with saying that without a smack in the teeth? The people who will SAY this shit to us will also attack us if we make it clear WE actually deserve respect.
      7. Who is talking about “another” commercial? I am not talking about “another” commercial. If we want to talk about other commercials, how about the way he has got a Turkish accent but Scandlines have said he is “Polish” in a shameful attempt to head off criticism like mine.
      “Poles are WHITE, it can’t be racism!!”

      There can only be room for us all if all of us are treated with respect and dignity and compassion. This commercial degrades us all.


      1. I suppose we shouldn’t laugh at ventriloquist Jeff Dunham’s sketch with Achmed, the Dead Terrorist either, then? That has been watched by over 100 million people and ridicules muslims, who by far outnumber the Poles. That sketch has without doubt reached more people than the Scandlines commercial ever will.

        My point is, if you take every single opportunity to be insulted, then life can become quite painful.

        (EDITOR: and


      2. I do not find that sketch funny and are you REALLY attemping a “whataboutery” attack here?

        (OH MY GOD, Adventures and Japes blogger! WHAT ABOUT JEFF FUCKING DUNHAM?)

        You have missed the point completely, I am not looking for these opportunities, Denmark is putting them in my lap every single christing day.


      3. By the way, as a response to your question in 6b: Yes, I do believe you could get away with saying that Danish is more of a throat disease than a language – this is a fact acknowledged by many Danes and most foreigners :-)

        I know I may be more tolerant than many of the people you meet, and I am sorry and ashamed that my fellow Danes do not treat you with the respect you truly deserve. Being a former language student myself, I know how hard it can be to communicate with native speakers of a language which you do not completely master. I’ve just had the luck to always be treated with indulgence rather than insolence.



      4. And really, dear stupid Dane, grin and bear it and top it up by going to Germany and eating candy is the sum of advice you can give? I am sorry, I can see you are trying very hard to not be a part of the problem but you are. I know I am getting personal, but it is my way of saying, your intentions are right, but the method is not. You wrote a long comment trying to decry a racist ad by asking people to grin a bear it. I hope you see how stupid that is.


    2. To Stupid Dane
      Please stop being a racism apologist. This shit goes on and on because of people who keep making excuses or try to rationalise racism. So what if this trend was started by the right wing parties ( which I don’t agree with, but that’s another long discussion) does it mean we should start pelting stones at foreigners we see? Does someone else staring it and others following it, make the followers lesser culprits?


      1. I am not being a racism apologist. I could not be more against racism.

        It seems to me that a lot of foreigners living here would see this commercial as a possibility for victimizing themselves and confirm to each other that all Danes are terrible and racists and what have you. I am of course aware of the fact that some Danes do not behave properly towards foreigners, but to generalize and say that all Danes do this and that, isn’t that also racism?



      2. So a reaction is worse than the act that leads to a certain conclusion? Victim blaming are we now? Besides, nowhere in this post or in the comments can we notice that a general character profiling of Danes or foreigners confirming to each other that danes are the enemy and they should treat them as such. It is quite clear the culprit is Scandlines. But the fact that national channels allow this ad to aired, says something of the nation’s tolerance for racist ads.


      3. This is Scandlines profiling the acceptable prevailing mindset of Danish policy making over the past 10+ years, it is now officially OK to do it, sanctioned by the government, in the name of free speech and the other mantras, targeting that subspecies of chordata animalia (forinezz) with a deluge of racist laws, which the natives (a large % of them) interpret as carte blanche for attack, ridicule, and ‘humour’ spelt with an S as in shit. Tolerant, guest free, isn’t that how they describe themselves, that needs to be revised, it needs a mega overhaul!


  6. Maybe we just don’t get it. This lady totally gets it, though. She’s SOOO Integrated

    madsandkelli i-am-jydsk


      1. Unfortunately, (borrowing a friend’s words) I would gladly chew the head off of people who told me my effort in speaking Danish sounds like an episode of Julekalender. I’m glad that her colleague wasn’t mine.


      2. She didn’t laugh at herself, that’s the thing. First her colleague, not realizing he might be hurting her feelings, laughed at her. Then, she chose to go along with it, since not doing so is awkward at that time, but unfortunately also later in the workplace. So, she’s saving face and a lot of grief by going along with people making fun of her accent. Not optimal, since it’s basically a green card for everyone to make the same joke later on.


      3. Yeah, I think having autism is a blessing sometimes because although I “get” social awkwardness I often do not give a shit.
        If someone tried to make that joke with me, I would give them a piece of my mind.


      4. Actually Stupid Dane, that is not integrated if what is revealed online is anything to go by, and we are to take it seriously. Making it work, yes, but integrated? Not a chance. And once you’ve been ‘branded’ it’s not like it just washes off is it? You have made the commitment. You have to stick it out for as long as possible to save face.

        Let’s face it, some people can cope with and accept the shit that happens in this tiny tiny country (see aforementioned blog) without any kind of health problems or sleepless nights, and other people can’t. The people who reckon they can cope with it or understand it and forgive it, are not necessarily the people who will stay.

        We have a running bet on how long certain Evangelical Expats will last here (one way or the other) and you are welcome to put some money down if you think you could scoop the lot.


      5. Integration means “give and take to make two separate parts whole”
        In this case, she *gave* by making a speech to an audience that have been speaking English for eight years minimum in *their* first language (which she has been speaking for three years) and her colleagues *took* the piss.

        Where is the bit where her colleagues or students meet her halfway? All that is happening is she is doing her best to fit in and she is getting told she will never be good enough. If you want to call that integration, then that is pretty damning of what goes on here.


  7. The black seagull is smart and will move to Puttgarden or somewhere not in Denmark, where he is welcome. So he will not be giving business to the Scandlines Rødby-Puttgarden line.

    PS in approximately 200 years, Danish is predicted to evolve into a language resembling that spoken in “The Julekalender”. ;)


  8. PPS Here’s an example translation of a possible future:

    About circa 200 year, shall the Danish out twists to sprog, as resemble it tales in “The christmascalendar”. ;0 ;)


  9. Plus, fuck that shit about letting Danes take the piss out of accent. How she can work in that sort of environment is beyond me. I would not tolerate it. In much the same way as I do not tolerate people saying things like “That’s so gay!” when they mean something is lame.

    How on earth does that women expect to be an example to International Students when she is showing in public that her way-to-go is to accept these very rude and clumsy cliche comments of the ignorant danes?

    How about she does something truly fucking amazing for once and makes a proper stand?

    Nah. Because at the end of the day, as it is with most of this small group of über expats making it ‘woik’ in Denmark, it’s more about self preservation than anything else.

    Fuck that shit, it wouldn’t have any place in any civil rights movement, and any kind of action that wouldn’t have a place in any civil rights movement is not the kind of action we want our teachers taking.

    Putting up with that shit and then glossing up the turd to make it ‘not offensive’ is SERIOUSLY INSULTING.


    1. Yeah, I would give them Hell but then I get told that I am taking it to seriously and maybe I would prefer North Korea and I can sort of get why she would go along with it for a quiet life.

      I must admit, when I read it for the first time in ages I felt really sad for her and I thought “YOU CUNTS”. I might have even whispered that.

      To make a speech in a foreign language to native speakers takes courage and then to have to sit there and accept abusive “jokes” from halfwits… It is too much.

      She is the acceptable face of immigration in Denmark and SHE is getting mocked for trying her best. What chance has anyone else bloody got?

      And so the other solution is to avoid speaking Danish which has its own problems.


      1. The people she works with are obviously gross – the way they behave is typical, ignorant and not being challenged and that makes it worse. She’s all but said that in the post. That she is able to handle it is perhaps about strength and determination. But I freaking dare her to post some kind of outrage about the fact that we feel sorry for her to have to put up with that shit, but that we can sort of understand why she would in terms of self preservation.

        A huge number of foreigners in Denmark put up with that sort of shit, it’s called ‘integration’. Ha ha.

        It is wrong though, it’s wrong to be a coward and put self preservation first, especially when you are the spear head of a movement meant to be protecting the interests of foreign children in Denmark. Or is that not what it’s about?

        Hmmm? Perhaps its about getting more highly skilled workers into Denmark (i.e: MONEEEEEEY!).

        Who knows, but let’s follow a trail from a to z and see where it gets us.

        Putting up with that kind of shit? MY guess is not a personality flaw, but the desire to ‘be a success’. In that case the success is to stay in the game. The minute she talks out and against the way the grain goes she blows all chance of being able to take part in what is being taken part in.

        Or maybe it is simple, maybe it’s just about wanting to be a ‘nice person’.

        Who knows, just because it looks like shit doesn’t necessarily mean it is shit?

        Nah. It’s shit.

        And her colleagues are shits to take the piss. Of all the original accents with which to try and speak Danish on she has one of the hardest to use, and her colleagues should be kind about it instead of downright fucking mean. It’s a handicap in a way.

        In all of this, the odd thing is, even with our political disagreements, we probably care more about the person in question than who she believes to be in the picture. THAT IS BECAUSE WE HAVE THE CAPACITY TO CARE! At the end of the day, it’s us who find it really sad that she is being treated like that, and her nearest and dearest at work telling her she just has to take it. If the public announcements of a personal nature broadcast on the aforementioned blog are to be believed.


      2. There is so much double-think you have to do so that you can survive this shitting country. It isn’t worth it. Do what Polonius says and be true to yourself!


  10. I give up. It seems I am unable to make myself understood. I get the feeling it’s not OK to disagree with the original blog post in here.

    I still find the commercial (we are still talking about that, right?) funny. If that makes me a horrible person, then so be it.

    The funny thing is that I hadn’t heard about the commercial until I read this blog.


    1. You are making yourself perfectly understood. It’s you who just doesn’t get it.

      If you were to answer truthfully to the following question, what would you say? WHY do you think they are funny? What is the element of humour in these commercials?

      There certainly isn’t any element of surprise. They are just tired old stereotypes, and opinions that many Danes actually hold in all seriousness.


      1. There’s a problem: I feel that you do not understand me and you feel that I do not understand you – can we blame cultural differences for this?

        Now to the funny stuff in the commercial. It’s all very simple: anthropomorphized animals with silly voices are funny. :-)


      2. There are automated Googlebots that have not failed to grasp your logic, SD. Let’s break it down.

        A I am not racist.
        B I think telling people with funny accents to “GO HOME” if they cannot pronounce something the first time they try is “funny”. (Reason: Because a cartoon animal did it)
        A + B =
        C Telling people with funny accents to “GO HOME” if they cannot pronounce something the first time they try is not “racist”.

        The thing is, SD, you have not addressed why you think A + B does equal C instead you have stated that anyone who thinks this is racist is
        a) Taking it too seriously
        b) Is looking for things to be upset about
        c) Likes to be a victim
        d) Takes things too personally
        e) Is not going to be badly affected by negative consequences
        f) Is generalising about the well known marginalised group “the Danes” and is therefore what they hate: A racist.

        Then when we point out that you cannot get away with apologising for racism, that your points are not valid arguments and that you should not blame the victim you have pulled out the big barrels of

        “I am not allowed to disagree with the blog post, am I?” and “You would agree with me if you *understood* what I was trying to say.”

        SD, you are permitted to disagree with me and many people do. What you are NOT permitted to do is come in here, spouting off your silly “mening” as if it were solid gold fact, then backing it up with the nonsense you have, insulting the people who disagree with you (want to be victims, looking for insults, are actually racists), and then say we would all be in agreement if only everyone “understood” you. This might be how “dialog” occurs at folkeskole but it is well out of order here.

        I think I speak for everyone (and please say if I don’t), when I say SD, just take a moment of quiet reflection and THINK about what we are saying.

        I will say it again and drop the “r” word because you’re obviously not ready to accept what all this means about you, yet.
        Drop your involuntary first response to the advert. You say it was funny because cartoon animals delivered the message. Fine.

        Just sit for a second and consider this.

        It is unacceptable, even in jest, to tell someone to “go home”.
        It is unacceptable, even in jest, to make fun of someone trying to learn your language.
        It is unacceptable, even in jest, to beam this message repeatedly into people’s living rooms.

        It is actually in pretty poor taste, cruel and unfair to do all of these things.

        Scandlines should never have made these adverts, television should never have aired them and viewers should not accept them.

        I know you do not want to hear what we are saying because it means you have to think very deeply about something quite uncomfortable. You do not want to hear that you found this funny *because* (even though you don’t want to be, and it is part of your identity to not be), you are sort of racist.
        It’s okay, SD, plenty of people go around being racist all day and they might never realise.

        I have a major problem with racism, both in identifying the whacko ideas I have and then neutralising them. There is nothing special about me. But being “not a racist” is a constant struggle against the easier path of “being a racist”. When a whacko idea bubbles out and I express it, I want and need my friends (and enemies), to say
        “Hey, that was pretty racist, you know?”
        And then I can think “was it?” and sometimes it bloody was but I would get NOWHERE if I just told the person that called me on it that they were looking for things to be offended by, did not understand me or whatever it is you have been trying to say.

        We are trying to help you. You don’t want to be a racist? Great! That is only the first step, not the end point. That advert IS racist, encourages racism and anyone who finds it amusing finds racism funny.

        Take a deep breath.


    2. Stupid Dane, you still find it funny because you are a dick head, not because you are a horrible person. Dick head humor isn’t restricted to Denmark. There’s just more of it here than in a lot of places.

      It’s right that you give up. You are not making any new points any way. “Blah blah blah danish humor.”

      What a fucking joke.


      1. According to that logic, then anthropomorphized animals with silly voices can say anything and still be funny. If the animals were foreign seagulls who were laughing at clone-looking Danish seagulls shuffling away from different seagulls, I don’t think that Danes would be laughing their heads off. I also don’t think Scandlines would sell many tickets to Danes as a consequence.

        Scandlines picks these ads because they see it as effective advertising. Laughing at other cultures is accepted in Denmark, criticizing Danishness is not. Hiding behind cartoons, puppets and hippopotamus suits don’t make the message less offensive. I sense bad faith.


  11. When people tell me that I shouldn’t so controversial/confrontational about what I think is wrong, they basically tell me that they believe (as a value) that I should care more about the feelings of those who insult me/reject me, than about my own feelings. Why are we getting told time and time again that our own feelings don’t matter? They do matter.

    I personally can’t live with a bad situation by keeping my head down and putting up with anything. Nobody in the world should have to put up with prejudice and bullying/ridicule from ignorant biggots, and on top of that, be told they they are supposed to suffer in silence. That’s just adding to the abuse.

    Being a Dane and living in Denmark does NOT give the right to piss on everybody else without being challenged. That’s a fundamental misconception that Danes and immigrants craving for acceptance need to revise. It does NOT make things better for the individual, other immigrants, or society. It does not promote integration from the Danes’ point of view either. Everybody loses.


  12. Oh Stupid Dane, we get you…or at-least the part where you say we should have a sense of humour and not react so harshly to ‘just an ad’. I can’t speak for the others but I understand and kind of appreciate your sentiment. But this ‘grin and bear it’ and ‘take it easy’ attitude is what snowballs into one small joke followed by more, add a little intolerance to the mix and follow it up with outright racism. When it comes to racism the only way to go is absolute intolerance for any kind of racism. We cannot and should not grade racism in degrees.
    This racist ad is not OK because someone else said or did the same thing first or because it is a part of the series or because at the end of the ad the insert a lame fading voice-over of a ‘Der skal være plads til os alle’. That is so patronizing and equivalent to someone punching you and then offering a band-aid.


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