The Immigrant Man Strikes Again

My stars but aren’t Danish journalists masters of description?

This is the description of a guy who has been touching arses in queues for the supermarket:-

Bosnian-Turkish man, 35 – 40 years, 170 cm tall, brown eyes and short greasy hair, slender build. Was wearing a gray hoodie and pink shorts.

Bosnian-Turkish? So, we are not bothering with “Muslim” and “indvandrer” can mean Americans now so now it’s Bosnian-Turkish.

Had the man been any darker skinned then I guess he would have been
Sri Lankan-Somalian

What do they think would happen if they said
“He was white with brown hair”? Would the world fall down in horror at their lack of precision?

Here is the description of a flasher in a car, same town, same newspaper:-

“a young man who has bared abdomen”

Was he white, black? Blue eyes? Brown eyes?

This is the description of a thief who says he is collecting for charity:-

“Danish man, 30 – 35 years, approx. 175 cm tall. Greasy hair with a long fringe.”

WHAT colour was this greasy hair? How descriptive do they think the word “Danish” is? (or Bosnian for that matter)

The journalists have made that error of children… that only people *like them* are really people. Anything different from them is “extra” and needs to be described.

When that boy attacked the cartoonist he was described as “The Somalian”. When that man killed that stewardess he was called “The Romanian”. When that man battered his only daughter he was “The Father”.

And so of course stupid, easily led and gullible people are infected with suspicion and racism. The “normal” “Danish” “white” people who commit crimes, they are not described in those terms. So, you do not suspect all your ordinary friends of criminality.
All the “immigrant” “foreign” “brown” people are described as such when crimes are committed so the spotlight is firmly placed over all of us.

Those among us who fall for the same shit, they buy into it. They call themselves “internationals” or “expats” and claim a corner of immigration for themselves.

I felt real white fury at work a few weeks ago when the people at coffee joked that a little boy should “go back to his country” after he had had an altercation with them and said that he wanted to change schools.
I got upset and I had to think for days afterwards why. It was only a joke, after all.

What got to me is that all the naughty “immigrant” children I have taught, I never once even blocked the thought “why don’t you go back to your country?”. Never got close to thinking it. It never once occurred.

But it is on the lips of even nice people who I like working with. And it makes the other ones laugh when they say it.

So, it *is* important when newspapers report on the news. It is important that they take their responsibilities seriously. It is important that all us “good” immigrants with our taxes and our white skin, do not buy into this crap and make the distinction between “us” and “them”.

Of *course* I have nothing to do with the greasy Bosnian-Turk who felt up the women. Just as the majority of Bosnians and majority of Turks have nothing to do with him. Just as Danes have nothing to do with the greasy thieving Dane or the “bare chested” flasher.

Do not collude with this racism. If the topic of “I am all in favour of immigrants… as long as they behave themselves” (and it will, my friends, yes it will) then do not fall for it. Do not fall for that shit.

Singing Sunday

A bit early but you don’t mind, do ya? Do ya? Nah. You don’t mind.

I heard this song on the radio at lunch time and have been practising it on and off since then. I had to buy the mp3 from iTunes and my neighbour probably hates me because I have listened to it so many times.

If you were sat there thinking that it is easy peasy to play guitar and sing in French, I can assure you that it is only true if you are a French guitar playing singer.