In the first of my occasional series of

Things Danes Have Said To Me With Shining Eyes

Could be talking about pudding, could be talking about bestiality, could be about freedom of religion
It's time to school a foreigner
  1. First, you get some rice pudding. Then you add sugar and mand…. almonds, thank you, almonds. Then you add in some cream and then some CHERRY sauce. It is very very nice. Very nice. It is lovely.
  2. But IN DENMARK, as long as you are not hurting the animal, it is legal to have sex with a cat.

3 thoughts on “Conversations

  1. I heard this one a few days after arriving:

    In Denmark we are very tolerant, but we don’t really like people who aren’t like us.


  2. They are shitting on me. It smells a lot, hurts just a little those hard too much pork, no veggies shit pellets. will simply cover my nose.


  3. In the late 80’s early 90’s i heard a lot of ‘It is the LAW in Danmark!’…and erm, it wouldn’t be the law, it would be like some uh, tradition or habit.


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