Cover Up

Many people have said this before and I will say it again. The Danish society does not live up to the Danish hype.

I am valuable, my government has sunk thousands of pounds into my health, wellbeing and education. And here I am, highly educated and ready to use my skills… in another country. Paying their taxes.

You better believe the Danish state has been courting me to get me here.

So many things are hyped which are too good to be true. And when you find out, you slap your forehead and say “well, of course, it is just like anywhere else!”

Funny though, some more desired visitors are coming for the conference. Rich leaders and their media. It has to be one hell of a show. To attract tourists and to attract “free gift” immigrants like me.

In Denmark, we do not protest. Well. We can have police approved ones but if it gets a bit… free speechy, the police read the riot act and then get out the weapons which are banned in wars (water cannon, chemical weapons, big sticks, oh my) and beat the protesters up.

People might be disgusted with that. So, the Danish police are trying to scare people away. You know, law abiding Danish people. They are trying to say the ONLY people who might get in trouble in the protests are “violent” and “anarchist”. They are dry humping free speech with their adverts for the uncomfortable prisons.
Who are we supposed to think they are aimed at? Anarchists are NOT going to see a photo of a cage and think “you know what, public consent for policing IS best”. Violent rent-a-mob types are NOT going to hear about forty days detention and think “next time I get drunk and go to a protest, I will try not to throw rocks at a window and headbutt a bystander”.
They are working on YOUR fears, YOUR anxieties, YOUR neuroses.

Then, if there is trouble, they can say “KUN FOREIGN TROUBLE MAKERS GIK AMOK” and not have to face articulate, law abiding Danes saying “Uh, I think you will find, that the police overreacted”

They are hoping they can keep the protest far away and small. The UN has said “no, it’s fine, let the protesters close to the conference, we’re legitimately democratic… it’s fine”
But the Danish state has said “protesters are welcome only in a far away protest zone”

The Danish state made prostitution legal (because it hates women??) and the world might think it seedy if the prostitutes had a high income from the conference delegates. So, the Danish state is leaving little postcards asking (begging), the hotels not to hook up delegates with women who work as prostitutes.

The conference is being attended by people who flew there. The conference is being lit and heated. The conference is going to have a concert, with bright lights and speakers. The conference is going to waste a lot of energy and put a lot of carbon dioxide in the air. The conference is going to be a lot of fun for some very rich and powerful people. And all they are going to decide is that rich people should be allowed to get much richer. That the poor people should be distracted by pretending that carbon trading is a thing. (Because we all know what a resounding success money trading has been.)

So, they say that they have thought of the colossal waste. The have paid some Bengalis NOT to have an international climate conference so that should be quite enough. Sådan.

It is a cover up. A white wash on top of a green wash on top of a stone wall.

When it all gets newsworthy, do you think the world’s media will pretend like they knew all along what Denmark is like or will the angle be more disappointed-shock at socialist paradise gone wrong?
Want to put money on it?

3 thoughts on “Cover Up

  1. Eww..I spit on you unfashionable vermin. Opposing the climate change conference is so last season.

    Listen, we are burning fuel and drowning islands to send a message to the world that the world will global warming. Done beat the messenger ok. And Obama is coming, did you hear that OBAMA, the barack not the Michelle.


  2. It’s alllll bullshit, and they think it is business as usual.

    I am so looking forward to the day when we don’t HAVE to care about Denmark.


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