Projekt Boble

Learning Danish to the level I have was a bad idea.

My radio alarm clock keeps telling me what the Danish People’s Party think of me (not much). My kitchen radio keeps saying “udlander” and “indvandrer” and how we are spoiling everything. With our Influenza A. And our crime. (You would think that if it were not for immigrants, there would be no crime… except the most common crime in my town is burglary and the burglars are half a dozen middle aged “ethnic Danes” if the ones they catch are representative)

Meanwhile, I read the news and I find out that an “anti” domestic violence group has made a  computer game where you can beat up your girlfriend for having fun during a night out. It is called ‘hit the bitch dot dk’ or something. The bit at the end (where it calls you an idiot) does not cancel out what is an arcade-isation of abuse.

Then I found out that my new town council hates young people and foreigners and my school and even though one guy got in with a quarter of the votes of several his fellow councillors, he gets a deciding vote for the election of the mayor.

Then I read a story about a man who threw an ex out of a third floor window and got six years.

“Anklager Line Steffensen havde på forhånd krævet den 40-årige idømt otte års fængsel efterfulgt af en permanent udvisning, men Retten på Frederiksberg mente, at mandens ukontrollerede anfald af jalousi var en formildende omstændighed.”

(They had wanted to give him 33% more time in prison *and* deport him but his uncontrollable fits of jealousy were seen as a mitigating circumstance… he got less time because the fucker SAYS he cannot control his temper)

The only way I am going to get through this is by reading only French and English news. Say what you like about the US, the UK and France; I won’t feel singled out for being an immigrant and a woman by reading their content.

Let the lack of interest in local affairs BEGIN.

2 thoughts on “Projekt Boble

  1. Welcome to the bubble club . . . it's the only way I can survive here now. Anytime I step outside the bubble, I can feel the disbelief and 'wtf' levels slowly creep up until insanity is imminent.


  2. Why get all negative when it doesnt apply to YOU.The kingdom is doing it for your good. They will deport you to your cuntry so you can beat more people there.


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