Tip for Integration Ministry

Don’t be greedy

Hello! I am an immigrant! Before I became an immigrant a very wise friend of mine (Swedish, as it happens) said that highly qualified immigrants (like me and him), are “free gifts”.

My mind boggled, as perhaps yours does now.

So, my country put a lot of money into me. Sure, they charged me for university, the BASTARDS, but they put me through 12 years of school (give or take). They guarded me from harm, they gave me antibiotics and vaccines, they stopped me dying of asthma that time, they came straight round when I got burgled, etc etc. Sure, I paid a high level of tax from about 21 until I left BUT basically, my country paid millions to make me the desirable immigrant that I am.

My country sucks in a lot of ways though, so I thought I would come try out another way. Truth be told, I was not bothered where I ended up. China, Japan, Belgium… not bothered. Hated my old country. It is going crazy there.

But you, Denmark, you got me. And I had a lot of experience as a teacher, in some really challenging schools, and a good degree and reasonable health. And you took that and charged me 50% tax.
That’s okay, you know I love you.

But Denmark. The deal is, some immigrants come for different reasons. They come because their country is effed up. Sometimes, that country is effed up because of something your country has done (or failed to do).

I have talked to little kids in that position back in the old country. BELIEVE me, if their country was safe they would much prefer to be there. You can put as many frigging interactive whiteboards up in classrooms and have kiddie class elections every year, they would prefer Eritrea or Somalia or Iraq everytime. Because it is home. But “the crazy men” run those countries and it would be suicide to return. The ones I talked to, the plan was always to get highly educated and go back and bang some heads together. That’s nice, isn’t it?

Some immigrants come to be with someone who cannot be without his family. They are often highly qualified or experienced too but some of them aren’t. They would obviously like to work but you must agree, it is not the easiest country to find employment. Unless you are okay with washing cigarette smoke off of temporary worker caravan walls. Or delivering newspapers.

To make policies that make it more attractive for immigrants who are basically free gifts but drive away ones who would prefer to be in their country but cannot live there or the ones who are doing a Dane a big massive favour; it makes you look like a greedy bitch. Basically.

So. Think on.