The Library

I have no idea what kept me from the library so long. I think it was because I wanted to ask if I could join *in Danish* and yesterday I decided I had no chance of even saying it properly so I asked in English.

Today, I picked up my first reserved book and made the librarian smile to himself. And you know what, it is the Danish translation of A Fugitive Crosses His Tracks which means I will not accidentally learn Norwegian.
The librarian was right to smile. Someone who said she had a reservation in a thick English accent has just borrowed the book about Jante’s Laws. I would be interested to know how many people who have lectured me about how modest Danes are *because* of these satirical made-up story rules have actually read the book. If everyone has read it, that would certainly explain why it is out of print and the library only had one copy in the neighbouring town.

I also got a book about aquariums. My entire reproductive tract is reminding me that I still have not reproduced at least half of my DNA and will I get on with it already. As most men are actually frightened by a woman who says “so, have you thought about starting a family” (I have never done this, I just had a deep and meaningful on a first date when it was obvious we did not fancy each other and we just had a nice cathartic rant about shit dates we had gone on), it is going to be a while before little Kellies spring forth from my loins. Especially since I have a great thing going here and I cannot believe I would compromise it for some guy anyway.

Oh yeah, aquariums. I am allowed birds or fish. There are rules about how big the cage/tank can be. I would like a bird but I have never raised a bird before and would like a (ho ho) dry run with a fish before I become a pet owner again.

I borrowed a book about aquariums, fully expecting to have to read it in Danish but they had *at least* two English language books and not in the Immigrants’ Library neither.

The thing is, I would be happy to have a little tank with a couple of goldfish but my local pet store has masser af other types of fish. It would be nice to know if any of them are low maintenance but, you know, prettier than goldfish.

On Friday, I am getting a dining table, some chairs and a little book shelf. It might be nice to have an aquarium shelf or something. Then I can pour all this “I NEED TO CARE FOR LITTLE HELPLESS BEINGS” into something less stressful.