The dangers of integration

If you want to have a homogeneous society, you really need to be careful about who you let in. All this, “we just want skilled immigrants” stuff is asking for trouble. Unskilled immigrants and immigrants whose skills you do not value (for instance qualified doctors from Iran), are easy to push around. You work on their self esteem and it is like kicking them where it does not show. You tell them they are shit and they are lucky to get what they are given and you know, they will probably conform as you want them to. The Stockholm Syndrome, they call it.

Skilled immigrants, they are a bit different. You try telling them they are shit and must change to fit your ideals, they will likely move to another country. You have to be more gentle. Softly-softly. You need to have “Welcome Evenings” with free snacks and do your best to encourage them to conform. Good luck. Often, if they have moved for love, they will do as you want. They might keep some quirky little things from the old country but they are likely similar to the host country’s little quirks. How delightful, you do almost exactly the same as me!

The trouble is, if you have been running things a certain way, you might want to continue without any interruption.

For instance, if your news channels regularly show anti-immigration stories or “We are Number One AGAIN” puff pieces high-fiving the nation or regularly place extremist politicians in fluffy little news items “nawwwww, he’s singing a song, ooooh, that’s his Mum, she’s so proud, oh look, he’s holding a kitten”, if you have unquestioning news … not even analysis, un-alysis more like, of the politics of hate and of fear, then the last bloody thing you want is immigrants being able to speak your language AND going around with intact self-esteem.

The Danish people are probably not a bunch of racists. They are the same as everyone else. When you know better, you do better. But their media is crazy. I watched the news last night and I can understand a lot of it now, BAD MOVE Ministry of Integration, BAD MOVE….
No wonder they elect the extremist parties if they are being told they are cuddly guys who are good to their mommas. No wonder no one throws eggs at them. No wonder there are no tshirts or banners that read “Messerschmidt is not MY MEP”. The Danish tv media is not even trying to be politically correct. It is not even trying to be balanced or fair or critical or thoughtful.

Before, when I was unable to speak the language, I had no idea. Now, I can understand enough to get cross. But then what a reasonable person would do, is make their excuses and leave (as I did the UK). And perhaps this how the status quo is maintained after all.