More Danish

Last week, I had a Parent’s Evening (Mon) and then a massive sulk (Wed) which prevented me from going to Danish class.
This week, I have no meetings and it is getting increasingly harder to think of excuses for absences.

It was not so bad. It was in many ways, bad. But overall, it was okay.

There was a lot of book work, lots of self-study. Reading and writing exercises are my bread and butter so that was fine. There were some listening exercises, made harder by my teacher coming over to speak to the person sat next to me for both listens. At the same place in the tape.
There was also a bit when I got a question wrong and instead of being told what I had heard (I was all “hey, but he didn’t say “brev” what did he say?”) being told “yes, he sent a letter”. Uh. It is okay I got it wrong but I really wanted to know what that last word was.

There are a lot of Anne Robinson moments in our lessons. “No.” “That’s not right.”
I at least try to soften stuff a bit. Until I know the kids anyway, a bit of curt “you are the weakest link” stuff can be fun for all round. It is not for funzies here.

She really likes moving people around the classroom. I hate it. I didn’t move today but it really winds me up. Also, she stands behind me when she speaks to me and that also winds me up. It is a horseshoe table formation. No need to stand behind me.

Do I ever stand behind my students? I really don’t think I do. I can read upside down though. It really is making me look at my teaching. Do I correct every word? Do I say “no, wrong”. Do I read over my students’ shoulders without checking if it is okay first? Do I move people around to groups they have not chosen?

I bet I do some of the things, I will have to watch myself because these things seriously wind me up so I cannot imagine my students take kindly to it.

Also, I think the vocab she uses to talk to us is Advanced. For instance, she was saying “jeps” for “ja”. If I am still struggling over when to say “hendes” and when to say “sin”, I really appreciate the instructional language simple and sloooow.

The work was pitched at the right level this week at least so I felt okay by the end. Plus I worked with someone that I like. When we are not sure of a word, we put it into French which makes us Extra Special.

I had to talk about my books, the books I have read for the exam. The thing of it is that one book is about a stabbing and two are about rapes. I feel bad reading them because they are blatant trigger-fodder, having to talk about them with a semi-stranger makes me feel really awkward. You just never know who you are talking to. I hope I was not a PTSD trigger today. I resent my Danish lessons for putting me in that position. I really do not mind reading boring books about someone getting his car serviced. Why all this action?

But by the end, because it was aimed at my level, I was able to leave feeling pretty okay. If I had left at break it would have been a different story.

I have looked into private tuition, I think it is probably the best option for me. There is another school in the suburbs with a different approach and smaller classes and I guess I could ask around and see if anyone knows anyone who wants a keen student with too much money.