Happiest place on Earth

The boffins administered some Family Fortunes surveys and yet again Denmark is the happiest place on Earth. Men are slightly happier than women. Middle income is happier than poor or rich. Young adults happier than middle age but both beat adolescents. Old people, less happier than everyone else.

From my sample of one, I can confirm that Denmark is a happy place to live.

Got up late because I did not have a lesson until 10am. The postman came, brought me massive posters of my photos. Stuck them up, excitedly. THEY DON’T LOOK SHIT!
Taught a science lesson to (mostly) well motivated young people. Their linguistic talents are awesome. Had lunch with colleagues. On Fridays, someone brings something for their table. We had hot dogs and cola. <3
Taught an English lesson to less motivated children. They were fussing because it was Friday after lunch and I was in no mood to indulge them. One of them came up to me and wished me a nice weekend and “Do some Yoga”.
The lesson was pretty good actually, if I do say so myself. Showed them some photos of historical figures. They could recognise them without trouble.
Obama, Bush Jr, Lincoln, Luther King and (wildcard) Hitler.

Then they got into teams (this is top teaching tip say “Only with eye contact, get yourselves into teams of four” for quick, quiet teams-of-x assembly) and I handed them a set of photos and a set of speeches.
I printed out excerpts from each, not whole ones.

The results were encouraging. No one got Bush’s speech straight away, a lot of the kids attributed his words to the other men.
Hitler was easy. No mention of America and THERE WAS SOME SHOUTING.
Obama made ref to his Dad maybe not being able to be served in restaurants.
MLK had a dream.
Lincoln was talking about slavery as if it had only been yesterday.

I was really impressed by how they used these heuristic processes to work out who said what. Let’s take a moment to think about how sophisticated their English engines are to be able to pick out clues from an A4 sheet of high-end text.

And yet they *still* say “He’s on the toilet” even though it makes me shudder and they mean “he’s gone to the loo”.

We went to the computer room to see some of the speeches performed but the computers let me down. Something is wrong with the network, a firewall or something but instead of blocking objectionable content it just blocks everything. We came back upstairs and I handed out definitions of rhetorical techniques.

They had to go through and look for “allusion” or “alliteration” or “pathos” in the speeches, leading to their homework: “Write a speech in the style of any historical figure you like”

I am trying to imagine running that lesson for English mother tongue speakers back in London or Bracknell. *sigh* Something is terribly wrong with the UK but I cannot put my finger on it.

After work, I came home and watched some Daily Show. I love it so much but I can tell how worried they are. Obama will not be funny for ages.
I watched Cabaret. I succeeded in not killing the guy who lives above me and has a party every Friday until 3am.

I woke up when I was not sleepy anymore at 11am. I made pancakes (I have hit upon the best batter consistency and so exude an air of smugness). I watched BSG (come on, do some good eps before it is finished forever, no more Dawson’s Creek in fucking space, please, just one fantastic episode, I miss Chip Six so hard and what happened to Chip Baltar? Can we have him back pls?)

I started a painting. I feel like I “should” go take photos of my town by the sunlight never really broke through. I feel like I “should” go for a run but I do not want to push myself too soon. My flu has gone, free at last, free at last.

The internet selected a random number so I could turn to a page in my art book. It is of a photograph, wouldn’t you credit it? Started with the crazy paving the background. Have never started with the background first.

I am warm, I am full, I am not anxious about anything (Indeed, I have nothing to be anxious about), I got a postcard from the US from a swap and my flu has gone.

It is easy to be happy when all these factors are put together.