Settling in

This will be quick because I am tired.

My job is so awesome and I love Denmark!

The “naughty” class I teach are a little bit cheeky, nothing I haven’t seen before… and the other classes are great. They love learning and they are able to learn.

The bureaucracy is amazing though… the head and I went to Middelfart (heh) to get a temporary National Insurance style number. When it comes on Saturday I can pay taxes, get a mobile phone, rent a flat, go to Danish lessons, open a bank account. Sweet.
We went to the next city, Odense, and by the time we got to the office to get a residence permit it had closed. At 4.30pm. Imagine that.
And Thursday is the civil service “longer hours” day.

Missing London is not such a visceral thing for me anymore either. I do miss London but I don’t feel awful like I did in Thailand.
I miss my friends a lot, so will work on getting them out here.

I will be looking at a flat soon. It is around the corner from
1) My friend who is putting me up in her house
2) The beach
3) The ramparts (a grassy hilly area)

and about 10 minutes from the centre which is where the shops and my school is.

It will cost £350 pcm (approx) which is very reasonable, apparently. The major snag is that Danish landlords ask for a deposit which is 3x the rent.
This is a major outlay as I am sure you can appreciate.

It should be okay because I am getting paid twice… though I bet the Danish bureaucratic wranglings I have been having mean I will be paid late.

Anyway, I am feeling positive and happy. It is a lot of fun here.